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I proudly present: my 2010 in numbers and in a nutshell. I saw 19 musicals (I wanted to make it 20, but then Spring Awakening was cancelled) in 12 different cities and 2 countries. On the whole, I was in 3 countries. 32 episodes of Glee made me laugh and cry. I saw Harry Potter 7.1 twice in the cinema, and it was the first time that I actually managed to go and see the original version of a film. 3000 Days of Innocence has made me happy. (Okay, I cheated, the number is part of the title.) I've taken on  quite a challenge by deciding to translate it though, since it's over 130,000 words. I've already translated the Prologue and 7 chapters though. And I read a lot, of course - A LOT. I absolutely wanted to read more again, and I'm incredibly proud because I actually managed to read 75 books. 30 of those are classics, 8 of them German classics. I've also finally reread a ton of books I've been burning to reread (such as the Harry Potter series). On top of that, I've read the first six books of the Bible, but those are not listed here because I first want to read the Bible in its entirety. And I did manage to read The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes this year!

List of books under the cut. )

On the whole, it was a really great year with hundreds of beautiful moments. I'm really grateful that I have so many wonderful friends who shared it with me, and friendship is something that can't be expressed in numbers.

Thank you. <3 I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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I've been meaning to tell you all loads of random things! And then I was in no mood to post for days, and now I have forgotten most of what I wanted to tell you. Lucky for you. :D

The lack of posting mood is mainly due to my Pottering all the time. Last Friday, I went to see HP 7.1 a second time. In German. :( It was pretty horrible. Voldemort has a reaaaally ridiculous voice, the woman dubbing Emma Watson ruined Emma's great acting, and the translation wasn't very good either. On top of it, I hadn't realised what an annoying fangirl a friend of mine I was going with could be. She's one of those people who have to show off how well they know the books, constantly saying things like, "didn't they put scene xy in? I can't believe they left scene xy out!" And she just wouldn't stop, not even during the really intense scenes, and it kind of ruined the second see a little. But it was lovely nonetheless, and I sobbed my eyes out over Dobby again. <3
More Pottering, and baking, and... stuff, basically. )

And now I'm off to continue reading Goblet of Fire. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Harry is a Triwizard champion. Pity. :D
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You guys, this was immensely difficult. In German, I have all these words floating round in my head which makes it considerably easier to write in that language than in any other, but in English, I have to search for the words a lot longer. But I did want to participate in the Demon's Lexicon ARC contest (it would've been stupid to not even try), and since neither drawing nor vid-making are among my special talents, I decided to go for fanfic. Unbeta'd, so if you find any mistakes, you're welcome to point them out to me. :)

Nick knew that Alan was weak. )

Nick was a lot more aware of the glances Alan shot him now. )

I don't usually write fanfiction because I'm of the opinion that it's not something I'm good at (and I'm too lazy to practice), but since it's only short-fic, I decided I could do this to you. :)

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Well. I'm surprised I still know how to post on here. :D But here I am now.

While my livejournal is my fandom-ish and rather comment-y blog (means I don't post myself all that much, but am always sneaking around on other people's journals to tell them how I think they're great), I've now got my German blog up and running. Well, running not so much or at least it doesn't look like it at the moment. But that's going to change in the next few days, I promise.

Anyway, if you're interested in what branquignole has to say about her original writing, in what branquignole writes, what she reads and how she likes it, as well as where her public readings with her beloved writer friends take place - this is the place to go. Uh, if you speak German.

On top of that, to revive my livejournal, I've decided to post my translations here. I started translating again three or so weeks ago and am more in love with it than ever. Again, sorry to everybody who does not speak German, you'll just have to ignore it. And thanks to you all for your attention. :)
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SRB is of course nobody else than the brilliant Sarah Rees Brennan, also known as [ profile] sarahtales. As she will publish her debut novel, The Demon's Lexicon, in 2009, she is taking down all of her fanfiction, from Draco Malfoy, The Amzing Bouncing... Rat? to If You've a Ready Mind and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

She has put up a pdf file with all her fanfiction ever and because it is the Most Giant File Ever, there also is a table of contents (thanks to [ profile] marryoh!).

So, if you are a Harry/Draco shipper or just a fan of well written HP fanfiction with lots of crazy but brilliant ideas in it, go download it as long as you can! The file will be up for a month, and when it has been taken down it is not to be put up anywhere again nor to be sent around via e-mail.
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... for at least a month! Of course I'll try to peak in every now and then but that'll be rather difficult as we're in our new flat with no internet and then God knows when I'll have the time.

Anyway, I have already ordered my survival kit (consisting of three fantasy books, one of which is part of a trilogy and another which is part of a saga). On top of that, I found the Draco Trilogy again - oh and I know that one's weird, but hey! it's long and while I'm reading I can't die. :)

(If anybody passing by is interested in the Draco Trilogy too, here's the link to an entry with download links.)
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...well, not really. But considering I'm in Normandy, this isn't too far from the truth.

But first, Another Scene From The Delightful Time Of Moving Into Our Flat, Cat washing the dishes in our kitchen the first time and me drying while the washing machine was merrily washing away on its first experimental run...

CAT: I keep thinking the water in the sink is running away because of the sounds the dish washer keeps making.
ME: That'd be the washing machine. Dish washer is you.

Now I'm in the North of France, as always at this time of the year. Normandy is alright, what with the rainy and grey weather and the narrow streets. The narrow streets, or rather the opposite of one, caused us to cheer in amazement on our way here.

CAT: Look, a two-lane road!
ME: Oh my god!
FLO: A two-lane road... do you not know what that means? We're in a real city!
MUM: Civilisation, hurray!
HOUSES: *fade away*
MUM: Alas, we're back in the wilderness again.
ME: Two-lane road! That means civilisation!

After that adventure, we had some trouble finding our holiday home.

MUM: That might be it!
EVERYBODY: *incredulously* Didn't you say it was house number 11?
MUM: Did I?
DAD: Well, yes. This is number 43.

Then we arrived somewhere with very nice, pretty houses and I thought "wow, that looks posh!" and my parents were arguing about whether or not Les Résidences de l'Archipel was the place we were looking for.

MUM: I'm not sure. There's no house number.
ME: There's an open door, I'm sure it's here!
DAD: Hum. Maybe you should get out of the car and -
MUM: I don't think this is it.
ME: *being very much ignored* There's an open door, I'm sure it's here and someone's waiting in there!
DAD: We could - oh, look, there's someone coming out the door.
MUM: *gets out of the car, talks to someone*
MUM: *reporting back* This is it, it's here!
ME: I told you all along there was an open door.

Then we unpacked the car and went to explore the house. And what can I say? It's all pretty and new and shiny and wonderful! I want to take this house to Germany and put it where our flat is. But, um, I think the owners won't agree to that, unfortunately.

My dad actually seems to have some trouble with the house's many doors.

DAD: *from the hallway* I keep getting lost in this house!
DAD: *comes into living room* See, again! Right now, I actually wanted to go to the bathroom.
FLO: With your laptop?

Today, Cat and I were on our own in the shiny pretty house because the rest of our family had gone to the beach. We were sitting in the garden when a car drove by at a snail's pace.

CAT: What do you think, why are they driving this quickly?
ME: Maybe they're looking for their holiday home.

After some minutes' time, the car came back and drove by at a snail's pace in the other direction.

CAT: Look, they're coming back!
ME: Hm. Should I ask them if they're looking for Les Résidences de l'Archipel?
CAT: We didn't know we were looking for that place, either, so I don't think this will do much good.
ME: Should I ask if they're looking for house number 11, then?
CAT: That might work.

Oh, and you mightn't have noticed - I have internet! I actually have internet here! Consider me a very lucky thing! :)
Also, I'm rereading mistful's Drop Dead Gorgeous and it's still as amusing and heart-breaking and brilliant as it was when I first read it. I'm so addicted to it, oh, new chapter, where are you?
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...that I will ever finish translating Highly Improbable (yes, [profile] _vocalion_'s great, witty Highly Improbable!). I really wanted to continue this weekend (I swear! No, really, it's true!), but instead I'm doing stupid homework like preparing a speech to sell toothpaste for goldfish. At least I've learnt now that these fish actually have teeth.

Another point that's annoying me for already quite a while and at the moment is that I don't have any of the original English Potter books here because my sister took them all with her when she moved to Germany, so if I want to look up something, I simply can't or have to search the internet for it for two hours. Argh.

And then there are these stupid snap previews on lj! Are they new? Every two seconds I accidentally slip my cursor over a link and it starts loading a preview. Hm.

I guess I'm going to learn my Spanish vocabulary now, maybe I'll be finished soon enough to do some translating...

Oh, but before I do so: Yesterday I was shown a great short video, it's funny but a bit sad at the end. It's in French, but there are English subtitles, so that shouldn't be a problem; I don't know if you already know it, but anyways, it's worth taking a look at: I'll wait for the next one.



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