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An hour ago I came home to find a letter from [ profile] playwithfyr  in the mail. In it was one of her fabulous pendants. I am so happy and it's awesome, and I cannot thank you enough, dear play! :) I will certainly wear it to school tomorrow (have to find some matching clothes) to show it off to everybody, so they can ask me if I am in the goth scene now (-> baby bat, right!), and so that I can explain it all to them. And then I will make them go out and buy The Demon's Lexicon (only so that there will be part 2 of Sorcerer and Stone next week!).

Thank you so much, [ profile] playwithfyr ! I will find a way to pay you back somehow, I promise. :)

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So, I may or may not have mentioned that Sarah Rees Brennan's (also known as [ profile] sarahtales ) debut novel was published. Seen as I post next to never, I tend to suspect that I haven't. Anyway, the Demon's Lexicon is as brilliant as all marmalade_fish thought it would be (or even more so), and now Sarah has started posting background stories in the same universe whenever the sales reach a certain number, which, in my opinion, is a fantastic idea.

Although I would highly recommend reading the book first (because otherwise the story will surely leave you rather confused and also because the book is awesome), here's a link to the awesomeness that Gerald's backstory is - no spoilers for the book. :)

Sorcerer and Stone, Part 1 of 2.


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