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Hi hi hi! Happy New Year, everybody! I realise I haven't been around except to ask for your addresses the better to stalk you, and things have changed! For one, I finally created a DW account in light of LJ's recent idiocies to secure my name. I imported my LJ and I will give crossposting from DW a try for a while. I'll still be on LJ (and mainly read and comment there, most likely), but I just like having a back-up, just in case. So, that's that.

I'll be sitting my Abitur/A levels in a little less than three weeks, so I should probably be revising, but I still haven't done a lot of that, since a good day of flouncing about just sounds so much better than a good day of revision. You could also say I'm taking it slow, which is either because I'm far too optimistic or far too lazy. Your choice. :D But let me tell you about the fabulous things I have been doing instead of revising!

1. I watched so much awesome tv! All of my shows are currently on hiatus, so I started watching Band of Brothers which I ended up having more feelings about than I would have expected. SO MANY FEELINGS. SO MANY PRETTY PARATROOPERS IN LOVE. *___* I still have two episodes left which, if I am correctly informed, are the ones starring Tom Hardy's Cock, so um... yeah. Looking forward to that. 

I also decided to give Doctor Who a second try since the first time I watched Rose, I ended up being all "wtf what is this" and not watching the show after all. But I have since reviewed my life choices, and Doctor Who is a most valid one. It's ~fantastic! It has its terrible moments, but asdjh;sldk so good! I am absolutely in love with Rose. Also the Doctor, even though I have yet to get used to David Tennant who just ~replaced my beloved Christopher Eccleston, outrage etc etc. I hadn't even realised I loved him so much, but now that he's gone, I miss him like whoa. D: I mean, seriously. Just look at him:


2. I went to Paris the weekend before last! We stayed at my dad's, which is always fun when there's one bed, five people, and a lot of controversy of who should be allowed to sleep in Just That Corner of the room, but we managed. We went to see The Sound of Music at the Théâtre du Châtelet, which was really really nice. I love the music, and the actors were all stunning and had great voices, so yay yay. After the show, we had dinner at a Korean restaurant, and I'm sorry, but there goes my coherency because OMG SO DELICIOUS YOU GUYS AKSJD;SDFLK. Kimchi! Seaweed salad! SO GOOOOODDD GET BACK IN MY FACE FOOD.

3. Christmas! Christmas was nice. It was, as always, spent with the family. On Christmas Eve (which is the day we do presents in Germany), we had raclette at home, and I made everyone listen to my Christmas albums. I'm a little sad we didn't go to church, but we always have to compromise because while I and my mum usually want to go, my siblings don't care much for church. But anyway, happy-making presents! I got a Wobble Clock (which I'd discovered the previous weekend at Nature & Découvertes, and just ~had to have), the Red Riding Trilogy DVDs (Andrew Garfield! Sean Bean!), Kraken by China Miéville, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and The Flawed Master by Logospilgrim (essays about Snape! BEST EVER Y/Y?), which I've basically been wanting forever, plus some money and lots of chocolate. 

I caaan't wait to read these books. Right now, I'm reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I understand about as little as I thought I would, but I'm also enjoying it far more than I'd expected!

And because everybody loves a meme, have one that is long overdue. [personal profile] laliandra gave me four fandoms, and I will try and tell you who my favourite characters are, ONLY I AM VERY INDECISIVE AND HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, so proceed at your own risk.

1. The Demon's Lexicon: So, so hard. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. Mae and Sin are most fabulous, I adore Jamie (even though he was very creepy in Demon's Surrender D:), and I have a strange kind of affection for Nick. Also, secondary characters! Matthias, Lydie, Annabel. *___* But in the end, I guess I'd have to for Alan because obviously I love lying liars who lie. IDK LYING IS ATTRACTIVE OKAY. I just... I feel so sorry for tiny little Alan who had to cope with so much and then grew to be who he is now, and I think he did really well with what he had. And I love that he hates hurting people but is so good at it. Plus he's intelligent and smart, and he's good with a gun. And God knows, People Knowing Stuff and People Being Good With Weapons are pretty much my kryptonite. 

2. The Social Network: Mark. Definitely Mark. I can't really explain it, but anyway it seems like he's lots of people's favourite? Mark's just so interesting. There's more to him than this jerk who screws his best friend out of facebook, and he has this kind of vulnerability. HE JUST DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. HOW DO PEOPLE WORK. WHY ARE THEY SO WEIRD. Mark is just so goddamn stupid and annoying, but I want to snuggle him till the end of the world.

3. Glee: I'm very tempted to say Blaine if only I love Darren so much. But that is not what this is about! The problem with Glee is that the writers have taken every character in a horrible direction once in a while, and in the course of that have made me dislike characters I previously loved. I used to really love Quinn, and if they hadn't turned her into this weird psycho, she might well have come to be my favourite. As it is, I'm going to say Lauren because she is ~awesome, duh. I loved her confidence, her "I could have any guy, but it's not any guy could have me" attitude, her talent for wrestling, her sexy, her ~everything. Second is probably Tina, ONLY SHE HAS NO LINES.

4. Harry Potter: Okay see, NOT FAIR. My canon favs definitely slightly differ from my fanon favs, so this makes it extra difficult. I love the Malfoys, Snape, Neville, Professor McGonagall, Hermione, AND ALL OF THE WEASLEYS. No, seriously. All of them. Especially Ron, and also Ginny because she is the awesomesaucest of them all, PSHAW I WON'T SIT AROUND WAITING FOR THAT BLOKE HARRY I CAN DAMN WELL FIGHT ALONGSIDE EVERYBODY AND ALSO WHAT IS THAT YOU'RE SAYING ABOUT POSSESSION? YEAH THAT HAPPENED TO ME NEVER MIND STUPEFY! My feelings about Ginny are pretty capslocky, sorry. I just love her so muchhh. I guess it's a tie between her and Percy though because, while noone really seems to understand that, he will forever be in my heart of hearts. It makes me really sad when people hate on him (even though it's kind of understandable) because you know, Percy was just craving the recognition he'd always wanted, the acknowledgement of his talents he never really got in his family where everybody was always picking on him, and when he finally got that at the Ministry, his family told him the Ministry was infiltrated and corrup and God, was he stupid and why couldn't he see that, so naturally he cut the ties with his family. But I think the most imporant thing is that Percy came round, and that he did what was right in the end even though it must have been really hard for him. And that is why I love him. ;___;
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