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It's meme time! [ profile] altogetherisi gave me these fabulous questions!

1. What is German language fandom like? The internet is so sprawling and connecting, but for me at least being monolingual is a barrier that stubbornly remains, and one of the few frankly. Aside from the actual language, does it feel like a significantly different social space from English language fandom?

It does! It doesn't have quite the sense of community that English fandom has, which is, I think, mostly due to the fact that German fandom mostly takes place in fanfiction archives, and those are, as we all know, not the best place for discussion and picspamming and all of those other things that are part of fandom! English fandom has its home, it's very present on websites like livejournal and tumblr and basically anywhere you look, and it takes all forms. German fandom doesn't. I don't know any German fanartists in German fandom, but I do know a fair few German fanartists who are immersed in English fandom. There is just not the same appreciation for all things fandom in German fandom.

Squeeing, keysmashing and capslocking are not accepted as a valid way of expressing yourself. (I told [ profile] pigrescuer the other day that German is not really a language you can easily squee in, mostly because it doesn't take acronyms/initialisms or the like as well as English does.) German fandom does get excited too, though I don't think there's ever this overwhelming feeling of belonging with these people, of wanting to experience all of the goods and bads of fandom and what it offers with them. I also get the feeling that German fandom is rather judgemental and narrow-minded. I see people going 'eeewww' regarding certain kinks all the time, and while this happens in English fandom as well, it's certainly not as prevalent. English fandom is a place for love and creation and appreciation in a way German fandom isn't. It's hard for me to pinpoint it, but basically, German fandom is less of a collective and less appreciative of individuals, if that makes any kind of sense? And does that answer your question? (Which is a really interesting question btw!)

2. What pairing or trope do you always wish there was more fic for (but that you can't be bothered to just write yourself)?

Okay, I think I'm going to go with The Mentalist, which is a fandom I haven't read much fanfic for at all, due to the fact that I am still not fully caught up. But I've been looking about for a bit, and I haven't been able to find anything for my OT3, which is Cho/Rigsby/Van Pelt, and I think it's pretty weird there isn't any fanfiction for them because their love is quite obvious imho! There are things like Jane/Rigsby/Van Pelt (which is weird enough in itself because I don't want to read any porn involving Jane since he is still essentially married to his dead wife), and basically all of the other things, but nothing for my OT3! ):

I'm also a sucker for unrequited love and heartbreak and love that cannot be (The Social Network much? Also, unrequited!Arthur/Eames; my heart!), again with The Mentalist, because Jane and Lisbon are so in love with each other, they are, I swear, but what with Jane's issue I've already mentioned, I don't ever want Jane/Lisbon to happen. I just want them to tease each other and to banter and to shoot each other glances and to sometimes hug in the knowledge that this is not something that is going to happen forever and ever and ever. BECAUSE IT MAKES MY HEART ACHE BUT IT IS ALSO WONDERFUL. And while I feel that their love can never ever be, there are lots of fics out there about the two of them getting together or getting their hots on for each other. I really wish there was more fic exploring their issues.

3. What was the best thing about London/the UK, and what was the worst? Did anything surprise you?

THE WORST THING WAS MY FUCKING OYSTER CARD AND ITS BITCHING WAYS OF BITCHINESS. There wasn't one day when it didn't say, 'Seek Assistance', when it didn't let me exit a station or whatever. I didn't even do anything wrong (not that I'm aware of anyway), but it just kept happening. And now to be utterly unoriginal, I'm going to say that the best thing was meeting you guys, because it was, I've been wanting to meet you all for years and I thought it would never work out! AND NOW IT HAS. \o/ But really, going to the UK (and especially London) has been a dream of mine for ages, and then there was the added wonderfulness of meeting y'all, and it still seems pretty surreal. I MISS EVERYTHING ABOU THE UK ALREADY. ;___; I don't think there was anything that particularly surprised me- oh. Oh yes, there was. Something I didn't dare say out loud while I was there, but holy crap, England looks so much like France! And I like the way France looks, the street signs and the cramped houses in smaller towns, the pavement, just about everything, but I've never been able to appreciate these things in France because I don't like France, so in England I get the same things, only I can appreciate them! (:

4. Which are your 3 favourite Darren Criss songs?

I'm so ashamed of myself right now, Isi, because I don't know any of Darren Criss's original music. D: (Apart from I Still Think, which I just listened to earlier.) I could cheat utterly and name my three favourite Blaine songs (Baby It's Cold Outside, Misery and Teenage Dream - or something along these lines), but cheating is bad, so I'm just going to pingpong this question right back at you and ask, what should I listen to? Point me!

5. What would your perfect night out be like?

Hmm, I don't know. I'm more the 'stay in, read a book/watch a film' type of girl, so my perfect night out would probably be a night in, haha. :D But seriously, I think something like cinema - drinks - lots of talk and banter with my favourite friends, or, um, a Darren Criss concert really, BUT THAT IS SO UNATTAINABLE AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN, so I'll settle for these other things. Which are also really nice. But Darren Criss is just this tad nicer. ETA: Or a musical! I haven't been to musicals on a regular basis for so long, that I'd forgotten that musicals make for fabulous nights out!

If you want to play, just leave a comment saying 'QUESTIONS', and you shall get five of them. (:
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