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 I have decided that my plan for this year (and life in general) is 'do things and be excited about them'. So far, I'm doing quite well.

1. I participated in a Big Bang for the first time ever, which was pretty dang scary but also exciting! I made two fanmixes (my first ever!), and I'm super happy I managed to meet the deadlines without too much panicking or disaster. My fun was dampened a little by my quietly failing out of The Mentalist fandom at the moment, which is a kind of inconvenient thing to do when you're participating in the Mentalist Big Bang, but gosh has the show become tedious. I stopped watching about two weeks ago and unfollowed a lot of The Mentalist tumblrs, and while I feel slightly sad about it (it used to be my favourite tv show! D:), I'm also kind of relieved I can continue failing out of fandom now that the Big Bang is done and over with.

2. I watch both series 2 and series 3 of Doctor Who in January! I HAVE SO MANY SAD FEELINGS ABOUT THE ENDING OF SERIES 2 AND SO MANY AWESOME FEELINGS ABOUT MARTHA. But Rooose. Rose will always be in my heart. Because.

ROSE AND NINE FOREVER. (I don't know okay. I love them much more than I expected to and I still miss them GOD I MISS THEM SO MUCH.)

Okay, sorry, back on track. Martha. Martha omg Martha. She really is kind of crappily treated by the writers, but she is still absolutely fabulous. She's so clever and strong and TRAINING TO BE A DOCTOR. So there. There was so much fabulousness in series 3! I absolutely adored Human Nature/The Family of Blood because it was basically ALL ABOUT MARTHA AND HOW AWESOME SHE IS. So I'm a little sad to see her go, but I'm also looking forward to finally seeing Donna again. DONNA. AMAZING DONNA. 


3. I sat my written Abitur exams in German, English, and History! (Yeah, I know. Priorities. Doctor Who is definitely above this on my List of Important Things in Life.) I wasn't really worried about them a lot in the first place, but I'm still glad they're in the past now, especially since I have a feeling they all went exceedingly well. :D :D :D I have about a month of school left, and I still have to pass my oral exam in biology, but the way things seem to be going, that's going to be a breeze. I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE OUT AND DO THINGS ABOUT WHICH I WILL BE VERY EXCITED. I applied for a summer job at my dad's company in Paris so I won't laze around all summer waiting for uni to start and hopefully make some money instead. I haven't heard back from them yet but if this works out, it should be absolutely awesome. \o/ Ooh, and speaking of that...

4. I still need to decide when to go to London. It'll probably be some time in April/May, and I yet have to inform my aunt and uncle that I plan to invade their house around then, but if you have any preferences/suggestions/whatever, THIS IS THE TIME TO TELL ME. WHEN SHOULD I COME TO LONDON. I WANT TO MEET ALL OF YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. :D?
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 I swear to God this was supposed to be an absolutely coherent and sophisticated post. But I mean, ya know...

BAM, CUMBERBATCHED. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT BBC SHERLOCK AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH'S PERFECT FACE. (Which is conspicuously absent from this gif. But the rest of him is pretty fine too, so... Anyway. FACE.)

Right? RIGHT? I don't know either. 

And now for some words. Eh? :D?

A Gay of Shadows, CSI: Baker Street, and lots of gifs. )
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Everybody who knows me also knows that I really love me a list. I make lots and lots of them - so have some to sum up 2011!

books read in 2011 )

films watched in 2011 )

musicals & concerts )

I travelled rather a lot this year; I went to Paris twice, I finally got to visit London, I was in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, and York, and I travelled on a ferry for the first time in my life, which was really exciting (even in spite of the seasickness). All in all, it was a great year, even though I was in a bad spot every now and then, but I tackled some of my problems, and 2012 will be the year of coming to grips with them. It's also going to be a year of adventures! I'm going to finish school and move out (for the second time, but this time on my own), and I seriously cannot wait to start uni. Inbetween, I hope I'll be able to go to London (for funtimes and marmfishery!) and Paris (for work). I don't know whether everything will work out, but I'm certainly determined to try. OPTIMISM FTW.

Thank you all for being fabulous friends and for making my life all the time. <3 Here's to 2012!

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Hi hi hi! Happy New Year, everybody! I realise I haven't been around except to ask for your addresses the better to stalk you, and things have changed! For one, I finally created a DW account in light of LJ's recent idiocies to secure my name. I imported my LJ and I will give crossposting from DW a try for a while. I'll still be on LJ (and mainly read and comment there, most likely), but I just like having a back-up, just in case. So, that's that.

I'll be sitting my Abitur/A levels in a little less than three weeks, so I should probably be revising, but I still haven't done a lot of that, since a good day of flouncing about just sounds so much better than a good day of revision. You could also say I'm taking it slow, which is either because I'm far too optimistic or far too lazy. Your choice. :D But let me tell you about the fabulous things I have been doing instead of revising!

1. I watched so much awesome tv! All of my shows are currently on hiatus, so I started watching Band of Brothers which I ended up having more feelings about than I would have expected. SO MANY FEELINGS. SO MANY PRETTY PARATROOPERS IN LOVE. *___* I still have two episodes left which, if I am correctly informed, are the ones starring Tom Hardy's Cock, so um... yeah. Looking forward to that. 

I also decided to give Doctor Who a second try since the first time I watched Rose, I ended up being all "wtf what is this" and not watching the show after all. But I have since reviewed my life choices, and Doctor Who is a most valid one. It's ~fantastic! It has its terrible moments, but asdjh;sldk so good! I am absolutely in love with Rose. Also the Doctor, even though I have yet to get used to David Tennant who just ~replaced my beloved Christopher Eccleston, outrage etc etc. I hadn't even realised I loved him so much, but now that he's gone, I miss him like whoa. D: I mean, seriously. Just look at him:


2. I went to Paris the weekend before last! We stayed at my dad's, which is always fun when there's one bed, five people, and a lot of controversy of who should be allowed to sleep in Just That Corner of the room, but we managed. We went to see The Sound of Music at the Théâtre du Châtelet, which was really really nice. I love the music, and the actors were all stunning and had great voices, so yay yay. After the show, we had dinner at a Korean restaurant, and I'm sorry, but there goes my coherency because OMG SO DELICIOUS YOU GUYS AKSJD;SDFLK. Kimchi! Seaweed salad! SO GOOOOODDD GET BACK IN MY FACE FOOD.

3. Christmas! Christmas was nice. It was, as always, spent with the family. On Christmas Eve (which is the day we do presents in Germany), we had raclette at home, and I made everyone listen to my Christmas albums. I'm a little sad we didn't go to church, but we always have to compromise because while I and my mum usually want to go, my siblings don't care much for church. But anyway, happy-making presents! I got a Wobble Clock (which I'd discovered the previous weekend at Nature & Découvertes, and just ~had to have), the Red Riding Trilogy DVDs (Andrew Garfield! Sean Bean!), Kraken by China Miéville, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and The Flawed Master by Logospilgrim (essays about Snape! BEST EVER Y/Y?), which I've basically been wanting forever, plus some money and lots of chocolate. 

I caaan't wait to read these books. Right now, I'm reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I understand about as little as I thought I would, but I'm also enjoying it far more than I'd expected!

And because everybody loves a meme, have one that is long overdue. [personal profile] laliandra gave me four fandoms, and I will try and tell you who my favourite characters are, ONLY I AM VERY INDECISIVE AND HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, so proceed at your own risk.

but I like all of their faces )
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Let me sum up.

1. I've been doing a lot of paperwriting (in the course of which I've read some brilliant essays in Transforming a Rape Culture, which is basically an assortment of awesome feminist stuff, but more on that soon), so I haven't been able to read much this past month. I read Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones which was sweet and funny and also kind of heartbreaking, and then I read The Castle of Otranto which was oh so ridiculous. These gothic novels, they have potential, they really do, but all this being in love forever after only having known each other for two minutes? Nah. Cranky banter's much better than endless chitchat about how you will never leave each other yadda yadda yadda, So, in conclusion, Howl's Moving Castle = much better than The Castle of Otranto.

2. I went to France! For about... two days? We had a horrible ride there with lots and lots of traffic jams and not enough coffee, but we had sushi when we arrived, and we went to see Sweeney Todd the next day which was all kinds of awesome. It was soooo good, and the cast was amazing. Downright amazing. Only the guy playing Anthony was a bit old-ish for the role, but apart from that, it was all perfect. <333

3. I have finally seen The Social Network! And I thought it was a pretty boring film which was mostly due to there not happening a lot of things, or at least not a lot of things I understand, but I fell in love with Erica and the Winklevoss twins, and then I was all, "MARK AND WARDO, WHY ARE YOU SUING EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF INDULGING IN SEXYTIMES?", and then laliandra pointed me to the fix-it fic, AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO READING IT YET. Which, uh, moving on, is probably due to #4.

4. Almost done (re)watching season 1 of The Mentalist! It's my favourite tv show right now, and I think that I was huge amounts of too innocent when I first watched it because I missed all the slashy subtext, and also, upon rewatching, I have found my first OT3. Oh, the goodness that is Cho/Rigsby/Van Pelt. ALSO. I totally want an Inception/Mentalist AU where Cobb is Lisbon and Van Pelt is Ariadne and Minelli is Saito. And then Cho would be Arthur and Rigsby would be Eames, only that leaves Jane with Yusuf. IDK. BUT I WANT THIS. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS TOO GOOD TO JUST LET IT GO. Aaaanyway. THIS IS OWAIN YEOMAN. HE'S MY FAVOURITE AT THE MO. And he has this lovely Welsh accent he has to drop for the show, and it makes me sadface all the time. :(((

Owain Yeoman

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I realize I've taken to blogging about the things I watch on TV a lot. But since I haven't been reading anything thought-inducing - still reading Moby Dick - those are the only things that prompt blog-worthy thoughts at the moment. I've been actually wanting to blog this since the day I saw episode 15 of GLEE because that's the episode where everyone has to do a Madonna assignment, and they all have to sing a song by Madonna, so that the boys have to put themselves in the girls' shoes for once. It is an episode about equality, about how to treat other people with respect, and about the fact that we need variety. Kurt actually says it all: "Mercedes is black. I'm gay. We make culture." I love how this short statement is a celebration of minorities.

GLEE itself is a celebration of variety. There are disabled people, homosexuals, Jews, black people, fatties, Asians, pregnant teenagers - just about everyone is represented on this show, and I love it. The problem with this diversity, though, is that you are walking a fine line between showing that everybody is equal and positive discrimination. I think that GLEE is doing a good job of passing it off, they really are, and they're doing it in a great way.

Enable All To Be Equals. )
ETA: I just want to make it clear that I think GLEE is doing a lot of stuff wrong too, I just especially liked this aspect of the show. I always become very enraged when someone is pushing Artie around or taking of his classes, because that's in the category of Stuff You Just Don't Do. Mr Schue is being an asshole most of the time, and some of the others tend to be rather racist or sexist or whatever at times, though probably unintentionally. I know that doesn't make it right, but I still think that even though there's some weird shit going on on this show, doesn't mean that part of it isn't great satire. Would be lovely if they got it right like that with everything they write up.
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I watched Season 2 Episode 2 of The Vampire Diaries yesterday. And since I don't have anything better to blog about that show is so profound, you'll have to put up with my blithering on about it. Oh, and before I forget: watch out for [SPOILERS].

Speed! Suspense! Ambivalent Morals Hooray! )
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I have a headache. This has not stopped me from doing my political science paper, finishing two books and watching tons of episodes of GLEE. And it will not stop me from blogging! (Why not, I hear you all groan in unison.) But first, let me tell you that the best way to counteract an oppressiveness-induced headache is definitely hanuta + cappucino.

So, today you have tuned in to read about my random thoughts about the first episode of the second season of Vampire Diaries. And about my wild comparisons between Vampire Diaries and GLEE. Wich are totally founded on scientific research and stuff!

Okay, watch out now. For [SPOILERS] for Vampire Diaries and GLEE.

I was rather disappointed by the Vampire Diaries episode. I had been waiting for it for two months after that huge and evil cliffhanger, and then I get 40 minutes of schmoopy nonsense about Katherine being in love with Stefan? I mean, are they serious? I thought Katherine had an Evil Plan of Ultimate Evil that brought her back to the town, and now I don't know if there is one and she's just trying to fool us, or if they really want me to believe in her Eternal And Undying Love for Stefan. I hope not.

How the evil people are always cast out. Some angry rambling. )

But I think I get a little too worked up about this. :) Therefore, I will get worked up about something else tomorrow! Namely about French literature. Which sounds very sophisticated, but actually isn't. What I actually meant to say: blog post about L'art and The Hound of Baskervilles tomorrow.

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I was wavering a bit whether I should watch another episode of GLEE or blog. Blogging won, since I haven't blogged in almost a week. (Whew, imagine that!) Anyway, I've now become such a Gleek that it takes me ages to finish reading a book because I soooo want to watch another episode. Today I've already seen #7 and #8, and I can't really decide whether I want to read another Sherlock Holmes, or watch #9. Hell, this is difficult!

Part of the reason I fell in love with GLEE so quickly is probably the fact that there are a tons of awesome singers that sing on it. I don't know most of the songs (so far) since I'm not so much into pop music and what not (yes, that is the sad reality of being a musical freak), but I love all the singing that's going on nonetheless! And then there's the cast, and they're all awesome. All of GLEE Club are made of win. The people I want to squish most are probably Kurt (KURT! He is so effing adorable! And he wears hats!), Mercedes (what a woman) and Tina. Well, and everybody else. Puck's been growing on me, because frankly, he has a beautiful voice and I don't care if he's a jerk, he looks all beautiful and lit up when he sings! Finn always reduces me to giggling because he's so naive and cute ("You're so chivalrous, Finn." - "Thanks. That's a good thing, right?") And I totally love Emma although I don't agree with her choices, but she's fun and weird and CAN YOU TELL I LOVE THIS SHOW?

And although it sounds like I've been doing nothing but watch GLEE, I'm actually blogging to tell you about the book I read. (Yeah, right, who am I kidding?) After reading Kirsten Boie's Die Medlevinger I absolutely wanted to pick up one of her other books, and when I spotted Alhambra at the library, I checked it out at once. It's about Boston who goes to Granada with school. Rummaging through some wall tiles in a souvenir shop, he finds one that looks pretty old and worn and real and decides to buy it for his mum. When he touches it, though, it takes him back in time about five hundred years. Back in 1492, he lives all kinds of adventures. It's the time when Christians reconquered Granada which had been taken by the Moors, and he witnesses a lot of misery - and then he gets caught up in the events himself, and is accused of having made a pact with the devil.

What I actually don't like about Boie's YA books is that there are no fathers around. It's like that in Die Medlevinger, and it's the same in Alhambra. I know that there are a lot of children whose families are not intact, but I think it would be nice to read one book where a child has a mother and a father, where none of them is dead, where they're not divorced, where they're kind of present in the kid's life. I think that Kirsten Boie's writing is otherwise pretty flawless though. She is really good at fleshing out characters and I get the feeling that she really gets young people. She also manages to have a lot of threads of the plot running parallel to each other and she's good at tying up the knots.

I'm not completely in love with this book as I am in love with Die Medlevinger. That one just was magic. Alhambra is good, no doubt, the historic background is interesting, and what's lacking is just a little something I can't put my finger on. I just didn't get as caught up as in Die Medlevinger. But that doesn't change the fact that Boie is a great author with a knack for intriguing stories. Her books are not books I miss all the time once I put them down (it's like that with Sanderson's book), but once I've picked them up, I don't want to stop reading for a long time.


Sep. 1st, 2010 08:17 pm
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I told you in my last entry that I was rereading Die Medlevinger by Kirsten Boie. As some of you may know, I spent four years in France. I didn't have many friends there, and therefore I spent a lot of time in the school library, on my own, trying to find a book there I hadn't read already. Books have always been my friends, but during that time they were my best friends and I cherish all of the things I read in France a lot. Among those things were, for example, The Lord of the Rings, Torture the Artist, Das blaue Mädchen, and Die Medlevinger. Which is of course the reason that prompted me to snatch it from my sister and reread it, to get that fuzzy feeling of meeting an old friend again.

Die Medlevinger is the story of Johannes who lives with his mum Britta. One day, two small people, Nis and Moa, enter his world through a tunnel in the flower-bed in the backyard. Nis and Moa are looking for Nis's dad, who just disappeared shortly before Nis's 13th birthday, a great day for every Medlevinger, the day he comes of age, which Vedur wouldn't have missed at any cost. It turns out that he, along with another Medlevinger, Antak, has been kidnapped by the Cain, the Medlevingers' archenemy, who won't let his prisoners go until the Medlevingers bring him the one from among them that can turn anything into gold - Antak's own son.

I loved the book. It's a children's book, and those are usually pretty intelligent. That's the case with this one; it's witty, fast-paced and full of adorable characters. The most awesome thing is, that although I'd already read it once, I didn't know who the Cain was for a long time. I caught on eventually, but it took the characters a bit longer, and my nerves were close to snapping because HOLY CRAP, it got so suspenseful at the end. It was brilliant how Kirsten Boie had hidden in clues from the very beginning, but so astutely that you didn't notice them at all until you got to the chapter where they were relevant, and then you would be frantically leafing back to the beginning to check whether you'd read those clues correctly.

And there are also some awesome women/girls in there! Johannes' mum, she raised her son on her own, she never finished school because she had him so early and is doing that now and working as a waitress. But she's not stupid and she has a sharp tongue. Then there's Line, Johannes' best friend, who likes to talk about girl stuff with the girls from her class, about pop singers and nail polish. And she likes to show Johannes that he can't just boss her around when he wants to talk to her, but she's there for him when he really needs her. She also thinks like a criminal and would make a brilliant detective. And theeeen there's Moa-Belle who's destined to be a fairy when she's older and not at all thrilled by the prospect. (All the purring and floating about and being generally embarassing... nah.) She's really brave and snarky at times and vulnerable and cute.

Best of all - the girls are not Mary Sues, and the boys are just as awesome. Nis, who's easily scared but horribly curious and always jumping to conclusions, Thomas, Line's dad and Johannes' father figure, and of course Johannes himself, who can be an incredibly annoying teenager at times, but is usually pretty sensible, determined and intelligent. And I almost forgot to mention Thoril, who's willing to sacrifice himself for the others, and who's just so clever. Oh, I just love them all.

I also love Glee now, for that matter! I was bored today and clicked through my folders to see if there was anything unwatched in there, and then I stumbled across the Glee Pilot. I have no idea how that even got onto my computer, but since there wasn't anything else, I decided to watch it. And then I fell in love. <3 Will have to hunt the rest of the series down on the internet. In other musical news, I sang I Dreamed a Dream in singing lesson today. It was my second try; the first was one and a half years ago and didn't go over very well, and I realised that I'd gotten much better. It really wasn't perfect, but that was to be expected, especially since my tonsillitis is not completely gone. But the faith in my voice is growing, and I'm starting to get more and more self-confident! Still don't know what to think of my new singing teacher though, but we'll see!


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