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This update, I admit, has been long overdue, but in my defense, I was very busy brewing potions! For lo and behold, I got my Pottermore welcome email! \o/ I'd been frantically checking my inbox all the time when it finally arrived on Saturday, and then I whizzed through The Philosopher's Stone in a few hours. I wish I had relished it a bit more because Chamber of Secrets isn't due to come out until some time early next year, and that is a really long wait. D: My username, for those of you also on Pottermore, is PumpkinMagic141, so when you get your email, friend me so we can have adventures together!

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On a completely unrelated note, my aunt and uncle came to Germany for my uncle's birthday, and I got to meet them right before I departed for Manchester. My aunt is the loveliest person; she brought me delicious tea and also invited me to come stay with them again whenever, which means that I'll be going to London again after I passed my Abitur. That should be some time in March or April (but not any later probably, because I'll be doing a work placement or some such thing), whenever flights are the least expensive or whenever is most convenient for people to meet up! What say you? What month should I come to London, lovely people of the UK?

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I hope typing up this entry keeps me from falling asleep. If weird rows of letters appear in this entry, picture me with my head on the keyboard, snoring loudly. (And don't laugh at me. I've had two horrible nights because my cold is keeping me from getting enough sleep.)

Anyway, I thought a "This was the first month of 2010" entry was in order. Since I've done a few things. Which I usually do too, you know. But not in the first month of 2010. (Oh dear, I can see the incoherent coming on. I'm sorry, guys.)

Well, first of all, I've been to two musicals, namely Elisabeth and Wicked, which was extremely awesome, as well as to some musical show, which is called Musical Highlights, where awesome people sing awesome songs from awesome musicals. It's pure awesome, you see. I haven't been to the cinema during this month at all, but I'll go next week or so to finally see Holmes and Doctor Parnassus is also waiting to be seen.

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