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This update, I admit, has been long overdue, but in my defense, I was very busy brewing potions! For lo and behold, I got my Pottermore welcome email! \o/ I'd been frantically checking my inbox all the time when it finally arrived on Saturday, and then I whizzed through The Philosopher's Stone in a few hours. I wish I had relished it a bit more because Chamber of Secrets isn't due to come out until some time early next year, and that is a really long wait. D: My username, for those of you also on Pottermore, is PumpkinMagic141, so when you get your email, friend me so we can have adventures together!

Slightly spoilerish Pottermore things, I guess? )

On a completely unrelated note, my aunt and uncle came to Germany for my uncle's birthday, and I got to meet them right before I departed for Manchester. My aunt is the loveliest person; she brought me delicious tea and also invited me to come stay with them again whenever, which means that I'll be going to London again after I passed my Abitur. That should be some time in March or April (but not any later probably, because I'll be doing a work placement or some such thing), whenever flights are the least expensive or whenever is most convenient for people to meet up! What say you? What month should I come to London, lovely people of the UK?

Adventures! Blurry pictures taken with my phone! )
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This is the promised post about Harry Potter! Yes! Finally! Also, in the meantime I got into Pottermore (with the perfectly ridiculous username PumpkinMagic141, which I love an unholy amount because my birthday is on Halloween and also pumpkins are awesome!) which I am unreasonably excited about. \o/

So, um, hi, hello, I realise I haven't properly updated in quite a while, but I am indeed still alive. I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 on Saturday, and well, maybe I should actually put on my glasses for this, but I can't be bothered, so you'll just have to put up with the potential typos. ^o-o^ Also, to get into nostalgic mood, have this:

IDK, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic already, what about you?

Getting back to the actual topic at hand, I didn't think that DH2 was as good as DH1 and certainly not as good as I would have wanted the conclusion to the series to be. I loved DH1 a surprising amount, considering that I wasn't a fan of what Yates had done with the previous films, and I had kind of got my hopes up for 7.2, so I guess I was in for a bit of a disappointment. I still liked it a great deal though! I had tears and snot all over my cleavage by the end of it. ;___;

Lightning has struck, I repeat, lightning has struck! )

Harry Potter Meme )

Also, before you go, have the most awesome fan-made DH2 trailer in existence:

And last but not least, let us all take a moment to appreciate Tom Felton telling us about how he would love to have an arsenal of wands and broomsticks. Oh Tom, you adorable wooblet. <3
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I proudly present: my 2010 in numbers and in a nutshell. I saw 19 musicals (I wanted to make it 20, but then Spring Awakening was cancelled) in 12 different cities and 2 countries. On the whole, I was in 3 countries. 32 episodes of Glee made me laugh and cry. I saw Harry Potter 7.1 twice in the cinema, and it was the first time that I actually managed to go and see the original version of a film. 3000 Days of Innocence has made me happy. (Okay, I cheated, the number is part of the title.) I've taken on  quite a challenge by deciding to translate it though, since it's over 130,000 words. I've already translated the Prologue and 7 chapters though. And I read a lot, of course - A LOT. I absolutely wanted to read more again, and I'm incredibly proud because I actually managed to read 75 books. 30 of those are classics, 8 of them German classics. I've also finally reread a ton of books I've been burning to reread (such as the Harry Potter series). On top of that, I've read the first six books of the Bible, but those are not listed here because I first want to read the Bible in its entirety. And I did manage to read The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes this year!

List of books under the cut. )

On the whole, it was a really great year with hundreds of beautiful moments. I'm really grateful that I have so many wonderful friends who shared it with me, and friendship is something that can't be expressed in numbers.

Thank you. <3 I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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Hello there! It's been more than a week... which is an almost unusually long absence for me, since I tend to badgering you every few days or so. :D Lately, though, I just can't be bothered to make a proper blog post... even though I have so much to blog about!

I've almost finished my epic Harry Potter reread for one. I reeeeally love the Half-Blood Prince which might just be my favourite of the HP books. I love how it's more grown-up than the ones preceding it, and the plot is rather dense, and yes, there is actual stuff happening, not just whining. Also: the whole Malfoy sub-plot. <3 The memories in the Pensieve. <3 Snape. <3 Everything. <3 Deathly Hallows, on the other hand, is quite disappointing. I thought that I'd maybe like it better now after loving the film so much but I just think it's downright stupid most of the time. The film really is much less stupid. Which makes it so good, I guess. But the book just pales a lot in comparison. Anyway, I've been sobbing my eyes out over Deathly Hallows today and yesterday because of all the unnecessary deaths. It started with Dobby's death which kept me crying for at least another twenty pages or so. And then Fred died. And I still think that this is one of the saddest, most cruel deaths in all the series. I mean WTF. Robbing one of the twins of his counterpart... I teared up so badly about this that I was still crying when Snape was killed. :(

Aaaanyway... I went to see musicals too, of course! In November (aaaages ago), I saw Come together on Abbey Road which is a Beatles musical with the music from their last CD. I didn't know the music before I went, but I quite liked it. That was one of the few things I did like though. CtoAR is a veeery weird musical, no plot, just one disconnected scene after another. It's just not something I can connect to. I like a plot to come with my musical.

I also went to see Hair for a second time and it seems that I just couldn't spot the plot there the first time round. :D No, honestly, I think it's quite confusing on stage (as opposed to the film) and it really does help to see it multiple times. It was much clearer to me this time, and it was even more awesome than the first time I went. Tickets for the third show are already booked. Hee.

So, last but not least... last year, I went to see A Christmas Carol with my English class, done by an English theater group. They give a guest performance here every year, and since last year was not so pleasant because of a few of my classmates doing everything to disrupt the show, and the audience being generally noisy and annoying, I grasped the chance to go a second time when I heard my brother was going with his class (same teacher, you know :D). Getting there was a bit of a pain in the arse since we couldn't go by car because of the weather and the trains were delayed, of course. But in the end, I'm really glad I went. The actors were even better than last year, but that might also be because I could really appreciate them without noisy classmates next to me. My favourite moment is by far the one when Charles Dickens, functioning as the narrator, asks the audience a favour, which is to turn to the person sitting next to them and wish them a merry Christmas. It's a lovely thing when a whole theater full of people wishes each other a merry Christmas. <3 Naturally, they received standing ovations.

I think that's all for now. I had to keep this rather short because I still have to revise for my biology test tomorrow... urgh. Wish me luck. :)
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And Harry's going to take it out on people he likes. Because he's Harry. Potter. Do you know why I love the Potter Puppet Pals so? Because I think Harry is just so authentic in his stupidity and emo-ness. Yes, I've been reading Order of the Phoenix. Can you tell? It truly is the worst of the Harry Potter books. No, really.

I really rather like the first three books because I think they're kind of charming and magical, and there is never too much emo in them because when the story gets dark or Harry too whiny, there's still the humour to keep you going. And anyway, in the beginning Harry doesn't get whiny so much. I mean, he's stupid of course, but that is one of his most prominent character traits, and if he weren't, he wouldn't have any adventures worth telling. So that's okay really. Then comes Goblet of Fire, and that is okay apart from Harry angsting about the Triwizard Tournament and being generally hated by a lot of people. At least Goblet of Fire contains a few of my favourite Snape moments, one of which always had me convinced that Snape is one of the good guys. You know the scene in fake!Moody's office near the end? He has this Foe Glass in there somewhere, right? And when Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape arrive, Snape's to be seen in it too. I've always been wondering whether Rowling did that on purpose, but it's enough that it's there. <3 Also: my heart always constricts at the thought of Snape having to go out there and face Voldemort and not give anything away. Ah, my Snapey. :/

Aaanyway. Then comes OotP. And it starts with... Harry angsting! Luckily, he never stops, so that there is a constant flow of angst throughout the whole book. Whew, I don't know what I would have done had they cut the 200 pages of unnecessary whining. I could actually be found sobbing why JKR's editor had allowed this to happen during my reread. But it's okay, Fred and George are there to lighten the mood! But then they leave school and it just goes from bad to worse... really, I understand that teenagers have problems. But while these eternal torments Harry is subject to are really very fascinating, I don't have to read about them in detail every other page. Oh, and while we're at it... I know he is dreaming of a corridor with a dark door at the end. This doesn't get more exciting with every time you describe it, JKR. Okay? Good.

What really, really bugs me about OotP is not necessarily the whining though. The worst thing is definitely the stupidity. Remember Sirius giving Harry the two-way mirror? Wow, such an easy means of communication! But let's break into Umbridge's office so I can talk to Sirius about my teenage woes, because it's more fun when you could be expelled. I mean, WTF? Same thing later on when Harry thinks Sirius has been taken. Why doesn't he even think of trying the mirror instead of asking an unreliable house-elf that isn't under any obligation to him? WHY? This is so stupid I cannot even put it into words. The fate of the Wizarding World lies with a boy who is so stupid he couldn't tell a cucumber from a potato.

Okay, I think I've vented enough now. OotP even had one good aspect! It made me want to watch the film. Which I hate. With a passion. But I thought of a few moments they got just right, especially the one where Luna tells Harry about all of her possessions that have gone missing and that stuff turns up in unlikely places. I just love this scene, when they look up and see her shoes dangling from the ceiling. Evanna Lynch is awesome. I love her. Period. She actually saved a good bit of the film. :)
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I've been meaning to tell you all loads of random things! And then I was in no mood to post for days, and now I have forgotten most of what I wanted to tell you. Lucky for you. :D

The lack of posting mood is mainly due to my Pottering all the time. Last Friday, I went to see HP 7.1 a second time. In German. :( It was pretty horrible. Voldemort has a reaaaally ridiculous voice, the woman dubbing Emma Watson ruined Emma's great acting, and the translation wasn't very good either. On top of it, I hadn't realised what an annoying fangirl a friend of mine I was going with could be. She's one of those people who have to show off how well they know the books, constantly saying things like, "didn't they put scene xy in? I can't believe they left scene xy out!" And she just wouldn't stop, not even during the really intense scenes, and it kind of ruined the second see a little. But it was lovely nonetheless, and I sobbed my eyes out over Dobby again. <3
More Pottering, and baking, and... stuff, basically. )

And now I'm off to continue reading Goblet of Fire. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Harry is a Triwizard champion. Pity. :D
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... since it did actually snow here today! Well, okay, it was a kind of white and snowy drizzle rather than actual snow, but it was nice. Speaking of drizzle - I've been listening to Christmas music nonstop all day, putting my Christmas albums on shuffle. So every time I enter my room, there's a nice drizzle of Christmas music washing over me which is really, really lovely. <3

Anyway, because it's so cold, I decided I had to have another pair of boots. I have a fancy pair of half boots which are not warm at all and a fancy pair of boots which are moderately warm. So I went looking for comfy warm boots today, but they had to be fancy of course! And I actually found some! I have no idea how this happened. This is not supposed to happen apart from in an alternate universe where there are actually boots that fit me and are pretty! I'm insanely happy because of these boots. :)

Um, so. This was originally supposed to be a book post! But then I realized I didn't have much to say about the books I've read lately, so I started babbling on boots... Have some book babbling too!

For some strange reason, I always take longest to read books I think I'll have read in two or three days. Tinkers by Paul Harding was one of those books. It is a Pulitzer winning novel, and it's actually deserving of the prize. It's a very fine piece of literature and gorgeously written.  Tinkers is about George Crosby, and it starts at the point where he starts hallucinating a few days before his death. His life is told in retrospective, sometimes from his dad's, Howard's, point of view. I really enjoyed it, and my favourite parts were those about Howard, a man living with epilepsy in the 1920s. I also loved the parts about George's work of repairing old clocks. So beautifully told.

And then I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone because after Deathly Hallows Part I, I decided my reread could no longer wait. It's weird, reading these books again now after a hiatus of about three years. The last time I read the Philosopher's Stone, I was fourteen or something. I still love it, but I notice all the flaws and rant-worthy things a lot more now, unfortunately. I'm trying not to get all worked up about them though, and I'm going to start on Chamber of Secrets now. I'm getting all nostalgic about Harry Potter at the moment. :(

By the way, speaking of Harry Potter... I'm going to see Deathly Hallows Part I again tomorrow. I didn't want to see the German version originally, but I just have to see it again! NOW. I'm also going with some awesome friends and my brother is probably going to come along too, so it's bound to be fun. :)
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I would never have thought it. Back in 2007, when Deathly Hallows first came out, I was rather disappointed, and all the excitement I had felt for it kind of evaporated into thin air. Well, I thought, at least you still have the movies to look forward to. Then Yates took over and totally spoilt Order of the Phoenix for me. I didn't even bother going to the cinema for the Half-Blood Prince. I was actually pretty outraged that they had kept Yates, and when I recently saw HBP, all of my worries were confirmed. HBP was the book inbetween OotP and DH which I actually liked, and the film was just... bad.

Lately, I've been inching my way back into fandom though. I kind of stopped being in it when SRB stopped writing fanfiction. I've always loved translating fanfiction though, and in October, I decided to go hunt one down that was worth the trouble. I found one! I was given permission! And then I got all ecstatic about all things Harry Potter again. Looking back on the last two movies, I decided that Yates' style absolutely didn't work with Book 5 and 6, but that it might work for Book 7. Lots of people I know got very excited about the movie too; I loved the trailer - and then I decided to see if I could get tickets to see the original version. I have tried this endless times; I have tried it with every Harry Potter movie (apart from HBP, obviously) and it just never happened.

So when I sat in the movie theater yesterday, about to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I in English, I just couldn't believe it. It was really surreal. There were people from everywhere, but mostly US and Spanish (or South American?) people around, and there was a constant chatter in a lot of languages going on around me, which I simply love. <3 We had fortunately gotten seats in one of the back rows, and I think that was where most of the laughing, cringing, cheering and crying was going on. :D It was just awesome to be there with tons of actual fans.

Now, the movie... (I'm trying to keep this coherent. No promises though.) )

Okay, I think that was it with the babbling. I WANT THIS MOVIE ON DVD. Gosh, I just can't believe I don't hate Yates anymore. I obviously still do hate him for movie 5 and 6, but at the same time I love him for what he did with Deathly Hallows, so those feelings of mine are pretty conflicting at the moment! But anyway...

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Your result for Another Harry Potter Character Test...

Hermione Granger

-3 Potterness, 14 Grangertude, 4 Malfoyism, -19 Weasleyness, 5 Lunatude and -18 Longbottomness!

"I read about it in Hogwarts; A History!"

The bookworm of all groups, you're the one everyone turns to when they have a question. You don't care much what others think of you, and are pretty darn smart! You're die hard loyal. When it comes to school, you dot your i's and cross your t's.

Take Another Harry Potter Character Test at HelloQuizzy

Wow. Color me shocked! :D (And yay for the mixed Malfoyism and Lunatude.)
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SRB is of course nobody else than the brilliant Sarah Rees Brennan, also known as [ profile] sarahtales. As she will publish her debut novel, The Demon's Lexicon, in 2009, she is taking down all of her fanfiction, from Draco Malfoy, The Amzing Bouncing... Rat? to If You've a Ready Mind and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

She has put up a pdf file with all her fanfiction ever and because it is the Most Giant File Ever, there also is a table of contents (thanks to [ profile] marryoh!).

So, if you are a Harry/Draco shipper or just a fan of well written HP fanfiction with lots of crazy but brilliant ideas in it, go download it as long as you can! The file will be up for a month, and when it has been taken down it is not to be put up anywhere again nor to be sent around via e-mail.
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Clearly, Mrs Rowling was very inspired by Normandy. I don't believe she was on the train to London when she came up with HP anymore. I mean, seriously.

This is Percy.

And this is dear Vernon.

Of course, there are also villages called Le Repas (which means "the meal"), but Percy and Vernon were the ones that made me suspect something. Honestly, JKR, I'm not buying your London train story!
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...well, not really. But considering I'm in Normandy, this isn't too far from the truth.

But first, Another Scene From The Delightful Time Of Moving Into Our Flat, Cat washing the dishes in our kitchen the first time and me drying while the washing machine was merrily washing away on its first experimental run...

CAT: I keep thinking the water in the sink is running away because of the sounds the dish washer keeps making.
ME: That'd be the washing machine. Dish washer is you.

Now I'm in the North of France, as always at this time of the year. Normandy is alright, what with the rainy and grey weather and the narrow streets. The narrow streets, or rather the opposite of one, caused us to cheer in amazement on our way here.

CAT: Look, a two-lane road!
ME: Oh my god!
FLO: A two-lane road... do you not know what that means? We're in a real city!
MUM: Civilisation, hurray!
HOUSES: *fade away*
MUM: Alas, we're back in the wilderness again.
ME: Two-lane road! That means civilisation!

After that adventure, we had some trouble finding our holiday home.

MUM: That might be it!
EVERYBODY: *incredulously* Didn't you say it was house number 11?
MUM: Did I?
DAD: Well, yes. This is number 43.

Then we arrived somewhere with very nice, pretty houses and I thought "wow, that looks posh!" and my parents were arguing about whether or not Les Résidences de l'Archipel was the place we were looking for.

MUM: I'm not sure. There's no house number.
ME: There's an open door, I'm sure it's here!
DAD: Hum. Maybe you should get out of the car and -
MUM: I don't think this is it.
ME: *being very much ignored* There's an open door, I'm sure it's here and someone's waiting in there!
DAD: We could - oh, look, there's someone coming out the door.
MUM: *gets out of the car, talks to someone*
MUM: *reporting back* This is it, it's here!
ME: I told you all along there was an open door.

Then we unpacked the car and went to explore the house. And what can I say? It's all pretty and new and shiny and wonderful! I want to take this house to Germany and put it where our flat is. But, um, I think the owners won't agree to that, unfortunately.

My dad actually seems to have some trouble with the house's many doors.

DAD: *from the hallway* I keep getting lost in this house!
DAD: *comes into living room* See, again! Right now, I actually wanted to go to the bathroom.
FLO: With your laptop?

Today, Cat and I were on our own in the shiny pretty house because the rest of our family had gone to the beach. We were sitting in the garden when a car drove by at a snail's pace.

CAT: What do you think, why are they driving this quickly?
ME: Maybe they're looking for their holiday home.

After some minutes' time, the car came back and drove by at a snail's pace in the other direction.

CAT: Look, they're coming back!
ME: Hm. Should I ask them if they're looking for Les Résidences de l'Archipel?
CAT: We didn't know we were looking for that place, either, so I don't think this will do much good.
ME: Should I ask if they're looking for house number 11, then?
CAT: That might work.

Oh, and you mightn't have noticed - I have internet! I actually have internet here! Consider me a very lucky thing! :)
Also, I'm rereading mistful's Drop Dead Gorgeous and it's still as amusing and heart-breaking and brilliant as it was when I first read it. I'm so addicted to it, oh, new chapter, where are you?
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It's Saturday and that means: It's Wallace-time. :D
I don't know why I've so suddenly become such a fan of Edgar Wallace films - it's not that I find them particularly suspenseful or that I've always been watching black-and-white-movies, so that Edgar Wallace would be a must. Actually, I think they're really funny most of the time. (But that could be because I always discover the parallels to the German parody of those films...)
Anyway, while waiting for the film I'm spending a great amount of time trying to throw M&Ms into my mouth in a hopeless attempt to make it look elegant. And that comes of it: I've almost knocked one of my teeth out twice, and am permanently looking for M&Ms on the floor, in my bed and on the couch because I'm throwing those god-damned sweets everywhere but in my mouth. :/

(I wonder how it came to my mind that anyone could possibly be interested in my relationship with M&Ms. *g*)

So, on to (hopefully) more interesting matters. Perhaps some of you know that the German web site Harry auf Deutsch is organising an inofficial translation of the Deathly Hallows (as they have done with the previous books, too) in which I'm partaking. I've translated three passages of two or three pages so far - I've just only finished the last one, and I'm more than happy that I've got that done. Because the more my disappointment with the book grew, the less fun I had translating it.

While translating a text, you obviously have to pick it apart more or less. And there the weak points jumped out on me and I was already disappointed enough with some parts of the book, so I was not really keen on finding more things I didn't like. So I abandoned translating.  

I've now decided that I could nonetheless beta-read others' translations.

But I'm not so sure that that was a good decision.  I guess I will have to spend some  time with that nice little  translation because there are words missing, there are phrases that just can't be said like that in German and the characters don't speak like they normally would. (Anyway, that's why it's amusing to beta-read, and I had actually kind of hoped for some funny mistakes. So, no complaining, now.)

What I don't understand, though, is that I'm always looking for work while I actually have to continue reading a French fanfiction  which I will maybe translate if it appeals to me. At the moment the writing style's giving me a headache (argh, those French -) but some people in the German fandom are so desperate to read the continuation that I might overlook the horrible style in which it is written if I like the plot.

(Has anybody ever thought about writing a guidebook titled "How not to deceive desperate fans, but having fun at the same time"?)

I have to celebrate this with some M&Ms. My first post on my LJ. :)



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