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 I swear to God this was supposed to be an absolutely coherent and sophisticated post. But I mean, ya know...

BAM, CUMBERBATCHED. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT BBC SHERLOCK AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH'S PERFECT FACE. (Which is conspicuously absent from this gif. But the rest of him is pretty fine too, so... Anyway. FACE.)

Right? RIGHT? I don't know either. 

And now for some words. Eh? :D?

A Gay of Shadows, CSI: Baker Street, and lots of gifs. )
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Everybody who knows me also knows that I really love me a list. I make lots and lots of them - so have some to sum up 2011!

books read in 2011 )

films watched in 2011 )

musicals & concerts )

I travelled rather a lot this year; I went to Paris twice, I finally got to visit London, I was in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, and York, and I travelled on a ferry for the first time in my life, which was really exciting (even in spite of the seasickness). All in all, it was a great year, even though I was in a bad spot every now and then, but I tackled some of my problems, and 2012 will be the year of coming to grips with them. It's also going to be a year of adventures! I'm going to finish school and move out (for the second time, but this time on my own), and I seriously cannot wait to start uni. Inbetween, I hope I'll be able to go to London (for funtimes and marmfishery!) and Paris (for work). I don't know whether everything will work out, but I'm certainly determined to try. OPTIMISM FTW.

Thank you all for being fabulous friends and for making my life all the time. <3 Here's to 2012!

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This is the promised post about Harry Potter! Yes! Finally! Also, in the meantime I got into Pottermore (with the perfectly ridiculous username PumpkinMagic141, which I love an unholy amount because my birthday is on Halloween and also pumpkins are awesome!) which I am unreasonably excited about. \o/

So, um, hi, hello, I realise I haven't properly updated in quite a while, but I am indeed still alive. I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 on Saturday, and well, maybe I should actually put on my glasses for this, but I can't be bothered, so you'll just have to put up with the potential typos. ^o-o^ Also, to get into nostalgic mood, have this:

IDK, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic already, what about you?

Getting back to the actual topic at hand, I didn't think that DH2 was as good as DH1 and certainly not as good as I would have wanted the conclusion to the series to be. I loved DH1 a surprising amount, considering that I wasn't a fan of what Yates had done with the previous films, and I had kind of got my hopes up for 7.2, so I guess I was in for a bit of a disappointment. I still liked it a great deal though! I had tears and snot all over my cleavage by the end of it. ;___;

Lightning has struck, I repeat, lightning has struck! )

Harry Potter Meme )

Also, before you go, have the most awesome fan-made DH2 trailer in existence:

And last but not least, let us all take a moment to appreciate Tom Felton telling us about how he would love to have an arsenal of wands and broomsticks. Oh Tom, you adorable wooblet. <3
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Let me sum up.

1. I've been doing a lot of paperwriting (in the course of which I've read some brilliant essays in Transforming a Rape Culture, which is basically an assortment of awesome feminist stuff, but more on that soon), so I haven't been able to read much this past month. I read Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones which was sweet and funny and also kind of heartbreaking, and then I read The Castle of Otranto which was oh so ridiculous. These gothic novels, they have potential, they really do, but all this being in love forever after only having known each other for two minutes? Nah. Cranky banter's much better than endless chitchat about how you will never leave each other yadda yadda yadda, So, in conclusion, Howl's Moving Castle = much better than The Castle of Otranto.

2. I went to France! For about... two days? We had a horrible ride there with lots and lots of traffic jams and not enough coffee, but we had sushi when we arrived, and we went to see Sweeney Todd the next day which was all kinds of awesome. It was soooo good, and the cast was amazing. Downright amazing. Only the guy playing Anthony was a bit old-ish for the role, but apart from that, it was all perfect. <333

3. I have finally seen The Social Network! And I thought it was a pretty boring film which was mostly due to there not happening a lot of things, or at least not a lot of things I understand, but I fell in love with Erica and the Winklevoss twins, and then I was all, "MARK AND WARDO, WHY ARE YOU SUING EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF INDULGING IN SEXYTIMES?", and then laliandra pointed me to the fix-it fic, AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO READING IT YET. Which, uh, moving on, is probably due to #4.

4. Almost done (re)watching season 1 of The Mentalist! It's my favourite tv show right now, and I think that I was huge amounts of too innocent when I first watched it because I missed all the slashy subtext, and also, upon rewatching, I have found my first OT3. Oh, the goodness that is Cho/Rigsby/Van Pelt. ALSO. I totally want an Inception/Mentalist AU where Cobb is Lisbon and Van Pelt is Ariadne and Minelli is Saito. And then Cho would be Arthur and Rigsby would be Eames, only that leaves Jane with Yusuf. IDK. BUT I WANT THIS. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS TOO GOOD TO JUST LET IT GO. Aaaanyway. THIS IS OWAIN YEOMAN. HE'S MY FAVOURITE AT THE MO. And he has this lovely Welsh accent he has to drop for the show, and it makes me sadface all the time. :(((

Owain Yeoman

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Do you remember my last lj entry in which I kept babbling on about all the stuff I did in March?

I forgot to include The King's Speech in my blog post. Yes, you heard me right. I forgot to include The King's Speech. See, self, this is why you make lists. To keep from forgetting to include the most brilliant films in your blog posts. *scolds self*

So, The King's Speech. I absolutely wanted to see the original version because I thought that the German dubbed version probably just wouldn't convey everything the original one did, and I especially wanted to see how Colin Firth managed to pass off his stammer authentically. I ordered the tickets via internet even though there were still a lot of free seats because I have this irrational fear of tickets just vanishing into orbit if I don't order early enough (all due to the musical mania, I'm sure). We drove to Mannheim, found the cinema (somehow, we always end up in a parking deck a few blocks from it even though we always try for the one which is next to it :D), and hurried to the box office. Now, for the sake of the following conversation, let's assume my pick-up number was 123 456.

ME: Hello, I would like to pick up my tickets.
WOMAN: Okay, what is your pick-up number please?
ME: 1-2-3. 4-
WOMAN: Holla, one thing after the other! So, this was a reservation for Rango?
ME: o.o Uh no, it was for King's Speech, actually.
WOMAN: The original version? No, there's no reservation.
ME: O.O I've already paid for the tickets. And those were definitely tickets for The King's Speech.
WOMAN: Oh, you want to pick up tickets you've already bought? You should've given me the whole number!
ME: *facepalm*

So it turned out alright in the end, but it did give me a right scare. We had nice seats, and the couple in the row in front of us chose seats a little to our left so they wouldn't be in the way which I thought was really considerate, and I decided I really liked them until they noisily started kissing each other. They stopped when the film started though, or else I might have killed them.

And God, I loved this film. Yes, it is a bit lengthy in parts, but the script. THE SCRIPT, YOU GUYS. The dialogue, so simple yet so GOOD. The conversations between Lionel and Bertie were brilliant and so intricate and so much fun. And don't even get me started on Elizabeth. Sweetie? :D All of the characters were so well developed and had their edges. I have no clue about how much of the film is historically accurate but I don't give a damn. I think the Oscar for Best Screenplay was incredibly deserved.

As was the Oscar Colin Firth won. I know, everybody else has probably been over that already, but gosh, faking a stammer as convincingly as Colin Firth did, that must be horrendously difficult. I can't even begin to fathom how you do that. I was really really impressed with his performance. Honestly, though, I couldn't decide on any favourite actor in this film. My favourite moments were probably Helena Bonham Carter's scenes though. She always was so cute and dignified at the same time, and she was funny. She was. And then again her performance was so heart-wrenching; when she kissed her husband before his speech, and all through it. My heart went to tiny, tiny pieces and I cried and cried and prayed so much for the speech to go over well, and then my heart was put back together when it was all over and... I should stop here or else I will become too incoherent. Helena Bonham Carter is love. Colin Firth is too. Together, they're superawesomecute.

More people who are love: Geoffrey Rush. He's just... I wanted to cuddle Lionel! He was so competent and quirky and professional and cute, all at the same time. I loved the way he was with his wife and with his children, and I totally adored the way he was with Bertie, refusing to treat him any different than anybody else and yet not really sure how to treat him. Jennifer Ehle, Michael Gambon, Timothy Spall, Guy Pearce. <3 AND ALL OF THE KIDS. Damndamndamn, how are these kids so cute and so good at the same time? I am never more in awe than when I see kids on screen acting the shit out of their little roles as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

And by the way, this was the first time there was applause after a film I went to see! (Okay, it was I who initiated it, so not sure whether it counts, but there was applause!)
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Hello! I've been rather silent these past few weeks, but that is because they have been pretty awesome. Because I have magically found people who are exactly my kind of crazy and I love them like mad and we've been having a lot of fun. <3

Two weeks ago, I was invited to two birthdays (people usually don't see that much of me on weekends), one of which was spent ordering Chinese (and eating unholy amounts of it) and playing Singstar, at which I always do exceedingly bad, but it's masses of fun anyway! At the next party, we ate tacos with chili con carne, and I successfully managed to break my taco at once, which led to awkward eating, so I limited myself to French loaf afterwards. :D After dinner, we proceeded to watch 3-Day Weekend, a film that dazzled us with considerable lack of plot, and there definitely wasn't enough gay sex to make up for it. So then we watched two episodes of Glee, Journey to Regionals and Theatricality from season 1, and I'm pretty sure at least half of the people present didn't really like it, which makes me sad because let's be honest, Theatricality is one of the best Glee episodes ever! :(

On Monday (which was one day late for the birthday!), Watercolors arrived and three of us resolved to meet up again to watch it, hoping for more plot and/or gay sex than there was in 3-Day Weekend. It was actually not that bad. It's about Danny, the misunderstood bullied artist type, and Carter, a swimming prodigy, who don't have anything in common, but when Danny's mum has to babysit Carter because his father is away on a business trip, Carter acts as Danny's inspiring new model and they start falling in love. And whoop, schmoopy romance ensues! (Undying love one week into the relationship!) But it's a secret schmoopy romance and it's actually all very tragic. And I now want Tye Olson to play Peeta in The Hunger Games because Tye Olson owns my heart and Peeta owns my heart also, and it would be perfect.

And after that film night, we decided to establish this as a tradition, and met up again last night to watch Pirates of the Carribean. First, we watched part of a Glee concert, bouncing along on the sofa and squeeing over Chris Colfer a lot. Then we popped the second PotC film into the DVD player, and that is about all I remember because half an hour into the film we just started talking and never stopped. And I don't think I've ever known people in real life with whom I could just talk about anything that comes to mind because finding true friends is kind of finding a fairytale true love, and it's difficult when you like so much stuff noone else seems to like because you can't just go clicking on lj interests or anything, because this is not the internet. But now I have found my fairytale friends (only it's a very twisted fairytale; but it's good). And next week we're going to watch Inception or (500) Days of Summer or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or anything comparably awesome (which is kind of a waste because we're going to talk over it again anyway :D).

In other news, amazon is taking the piss out of me and being generally annoying with their standardised e-mails because, fuck them, this is not a problem which can be solved by reading the faqs. I don't want to have to call them. :/ But on the up-side, lots of stuff I can use for my termpaper are headed my way, and I'm hoping for it to arrive sometime this week because I am so excited to go through it all and read it. Especially Transforming a Rape Culture, and Jane Eyre - Early Soap Opera or Feminist Novel?. Or that feminist magazine I ordered. Or all of it, really. Eeeee. :D

Tiny paragraph of Glee Spoilers. [Sexy & Original Song] )
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And Harry's going to take it out on people he likes. Because he's Harry. Potter. Do you know why I love the Potter Puppet Pals so? Because I think Harry is just so authentic in his stupidity and emo-ness. Yes, I've been reading Order of the Phoenix. Can you tell? It truly is the worst of the Harry Potter books. No, really.

I really rather like the first three books because I think they're kind of charming and magical, and there is never too much emo in them because when the story gets dark or Harry too whiny, there's still the humour to keep you going. And anyway, in the beginning Harry doesn't get whiny so much. I mean, he's stupid of course, but that is one of his most prominent character traits, and if he weren't, he wouldn't have any adventures worth telling. So that's okay really. Then comes Goblet of Fire, and that is okay apart from Harry angsting about the Triwizard Tournament and being generally hated by a lot of people. At least Goblet of Fire contains a few of my favourite Snape moments, one of which always had me convinced that Snape is one of the good guys. You know the scene in fake!Moody's office near the end? He has this Foe Glass in there somewhere, right? And when Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape arrive, Snape's to be seen in it too. I've always been wondering whether Rowling did that on purpose, but it's enough that it's there. <3 Also: my heart always constricts at the thought of Snape having to go out there and face Voldemort and not give anything away. Ah, my Snapey. :/

Aaanyway. Then comes OotP. And it starts with... Harry angsting! Luckily, he never stops, so that there is a constant flow of angst throughout the whole book. Whew, I don't know what I would have done had they cut the 200 pages of unnecessary whining. I could actually be found sobbing why JKR's editor had allowed this to happen during my reread. But it's okay, Fred and George are there to lighten the mood! But then they leave school and it just goes from bad to worse... really, I understand that teenagers have problems. But while these eternal torments Harry is subject to are really very fascinating, I don't have to read about them in detail every other page. Oh, and while we're at it... I know he is dreaming of a corridor with a dark door at the end. This doesn't get more exciting with every time you describe it, JKR. Okay? Good.

What really, really bugs me about OotP is not necessarily the whining though. The worst thing is definitely the stupidity. Remember Sirius giving Harry the two-way mirror? Wow, such an easy means of communication! But let's break into Umbridge's office so I can talk to Sirius about my teenage woes, because it's more fun when you could be expelled. I mean, WTF? Same thing later on when Harry thinks Sirius has been taken. Why doesn't he even think of trying the mirror instead of asking an unreliable house-elf that isn't under any obligation to him? WHY? This is so stupid I cannot even put it into words. The fate of the Wizarding World lies with a boy who is so stupid he couldn't tell a cucumber from a potato.

Okay, I think I've vented enough now. OotP even had one good aspect! It made me want to watch the film. Which I hate. With a passion. But I thought of a few moments they got just right, especially the one where Luna tells Harry about all of her possessions that have gone missing and that stuff turns up in unlikely places. I just love this scene, when they look up and see her shoes dangling from the ceiling. Evanna Lynch is awesome. I love her. Period. She actually saved a good bit of the film. :)
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I've been meaning to tell you all loads of random things! And then I was in no mood to post for days, and now I have forgotten most of what I wanted to tell you. Lucky for you. :D

The lack of posting mood is mainly due to my Pottering all the time. Last Friday, I went to see HP 7.1 a second time. In German. :( It was pretty horrible. Voldemort has a reaaaally ridiculous voice, the woman dubbing Emma Watson ruined Emma's great acting, and the translation wasn't very good either. On top of it, I hadn't realised what an annoying fangirl a friend of mine I was going with could be. She's one of those people who have to show off how well they know the books, constantly saying things like, "didn't they put scene xy in? I can't believe they left scene xy out!" And she just wouldn't stop, not even during the really intense scenes, and it kind of ruined the second see a little. But it was lovely nonetheless, and I sobbed my eyes out over Dobby again. <3
More Pottering, and baking, and... stuff, basically. )

And now I'm off to continue reading Goblet of Fire. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Harry is a Triwizard champion. Pity. :D
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I would never have thought it. Back in 2007, when Deathly Hallows first came out, I was rather disappointed, and all the excitement I had felt for it kind of evaporated into thin air. Well, I thought, at least you still have the movies to look forward to. Then Yates took over and totally spoilt Order of the Phoenix for me. I didn't even bother going to the cinema for the Half-Blood Prince. I was actually pretty outraged that they had kept Yates, and when I recently saw HBP, all of my worries were confirmed. HBP was the book inbetween OotP and DH which I actually liked, and the film was just... bad.

Lately, I've been inching my way back into fandom though. I kind of stopped being in it when SRB stopped writing fanfiction. I've always loved translating fanfiction though, and in October, I decided to go hunt one down that was worth the trouble. I found one! I was given permission! And then I got all ecstatic about all things Harry Potter again. Looking back on the last two movies, I decided that Yates' style absolutely didn't work with Book 5 and 6, but that it might work for Book 7. Lots of people I know got very excited about the movie too; I loved the trailer - and then I decided to see if I could get tickets to see the original version. I have tried this endless times; I have tried it with every Harry Potter movie (apart from HBP, obviously) and it just never happened.

So when I sat in the movie theater yesterday, about to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I in English, I just couldn't believe it. It was really surreal. There were people from everywhere, but mostly US and Spanish (or South American?) people around, and there was a constant chatter in a lot of languages going on around me, which I simply love. <3 We had fortunately gotten seats in one of the back rows, and I think that was where most of the laughing, cringing, cheering and crying was going on. :D It was just awesome to be there with tons of actual fans.

Now, the movie... (I'm trying to keep this coherent. No promises though.) )

Okay, I think that was it with the babbling. I WANT THIS MOVIE ON DVD. Gosh, I just can't believe I don't hate Yates anymore. I obviously still do hate him for movie 5 and 6, but at the same time I love him for what he did with Deathly Hallows, so those feelings of mine are pretty conflicting at the moment! But anyway...

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You may or may not know I am eternally devoted to Alan Rickman, and it all started back when he first played Snape. Since then, I have seen a few movies starring him, really good ones, but not nearly enough, and it were mostly the more recent ones. When my mum told me that he plays the Sheriff of Nottingham in her favourite adaptation of Robin Hood (The Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner), I wanted to watch it AT ONCE. Only, she said I couldn't see it until I was sixteen. And when I finally was sixteen, it took me more than a year until I finally watched it. And now I've seen it! And holy crap, I couldn't take it seriously most of the time. :D

In consequence, I started to comment on all kinds of things. When Azeem was first rescued by Robin, I said, "they're going to be friends, aren't they?", and it went on in that way.

JOHN LITTLE: I am a fearsome kind of gnome with a weird curly beard and I am going to clobber you with my staff until you hand over that necklace of yours!
ROBIN: Well, I can't let you do that, you see, for I am really attached to my jewellery!
ME: Just a second and they'll make friends with each other!
JOHN LITTLE: Alright, now do let's be friends!

MONK: I am a very fierce monk! I will bite your leg and put my foot in your mouth to nobly defend my drink!
ME: He's going to join with them, isn't he?
MUM: How do you always know?

Well, to be honest, childhood memories helped a little. We once had a box where we stowed our LEGO in, and the lid was printed with pictures of Robin Hood and his friends. I recall it only vaguely, but I remember the bearded guy and the fat monk. :)

As Always, the Women Made the Movie. )
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So, enough procrastination. This is a real entry. *cough* I promised one about REBEL by R. J. Anderson- and here it is. Roughly one week after I finished reading it, so I hope that I can still remember everything I wanted to say.

Fighting crows and standing up to Queens and falling in love with humans. [SPOILERS] Some, at least. )

In other news I went to see Percy Jackson recently because a friend invited me and I could not possibly decline. I mean, she paid. I have to say that it was a rather amusing movie too. In a "mwaha, oh gosh, look at how stupid the plot is" way. It was really bad. I didn't like most of the actors either- apart from Sean Bean who I've fallen in love with a long time ago, and Rosario Dawson who portrays Mimi in RENT and is therefore LOVE. I also rather liked the guy who played Grover, but Annabeth and Percy? Not so much. None of the girls that went to see that movie with me were able to understand why I didn't like Percy!guy.

EVERYONE: OMG I loved Percy I mean GAH. drools
ME: Er...
EVERYONE: Didn't you just LOVE him as well?
ME: Er...
EVERYONE: stares incredulously
ME: cheerfully I liked Sean Bean!

Well, what can I say. I like men better than cutesy boys with sticky legs. Who are bad actors. But as I said, the plot was rather... intriguing.

Intriguing summary of intriguing plot.  )
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So, I went to see Sherlock Holmes with my parents and brother on Sunday. And then kept forgetting to blog about it. Which I will do now. Right now.

I love Robert Downey Jr. )

In other news, I just finished reading Rebel by [ profile] rj_anderson  which I loved loads. Will blog about it sometime during the next few days. :)
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So, since I've made this vow never to miss as many films as I did this summer, I went to the cinema four times during Christmas break. I love going to the cinema so often! It does almost squelch that urge to buy musical tickets every two days and it is a lot cheaper. :)

Movies I Saw )

Apart from the movies at the cinema, I saw the German movie 7 Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald, then Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch and Kungfu Panda. And since I got some new DVDs, I'll watch Narnia 1 & 2, My Fair Lady and Sweeney Todd soon.

Movies I Anticipate )

Wow. I've become a cinema addict again.
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Okay, I'll admit it. I don't blog often enough. I come with good tidings though! My horrible one-and-a-half months of class tests and revision have passed. I shall now be at your disposition... for some time. :D

Anyway, much yay for Christmas holidays! I plan on doing many fun things. Tonight, I'll go and see Avatar at the cinema with my dad and brother (I was so mesmerized by the trailer I decided I had to see it). Tomorrow, I'll have breakfast (or rather brunch) with two of my friends and we'll go and see The Way to the Stars afterwards as well as visiting the Christmas market. I also want to see Disney's A Christmas Carol (which I have recently seen the play of - loved it! I have decided that, should I ever have a male pet, I will call it Ebenezer Scrooge.) and The Princess and the Frog (going to see it on Tuesday with loads of friends!), and Sherlock Holmes. Which sadly only comes out at the end of January. *is sitting on hot coals* I told myself that it would never happen to me again that I would miss as many films I want to see as I did this summer. So you all know where I can be found during the next few weeks. (I also haven't seen HP and the Half-Blood Prince. Which is weird. Up to now, I have seen every HP film at the cinema.)

Whoa, okay, the rambling. I'll cut it in a second. So... I'm sure that all of you want to hear what I've been up to book-wise, right? What was that? Oh yes, you do.

Elegance of the Hedgehog ) Kate Daniels Series )

Pope Joan

Nov. 26th, 2009 06:16 pm
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On Monday, I went to the cinema with my history class. (Okay, I'm exaggerating here, it was only about half of them.) I love going to the cinema tremendously, and the good thing about going there with school is that I have people with me (I mostly like).

Ramble, ramble, ramble- I mean, Sophisticated Thoughts on Pope Joan. )
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So, three days ago I watched Bottle Shock with my dad. And although I have seen movies I liked more, I quite liked this one. (I mean, it stars Alan Rickman. What's not to love? Uh, I'll get to that.) All in all I thought it was a bit lengthy. I was still waiting for something to happen when we were about one hour into the movie. (It is about one hour forty long.) I didn't mind a lot, but my dad was a bit annoyed by that. The thing is, although it gets a little more exciting, you keep on waiting for the real climax and it doesn't really happen. Nevertheless, it got more interesting towards the end.

Not a minor factor in the whole thing was probably that those people had the worst. Accent. Ever. Really, it rarely happens to me that I don't understand people at all, but that was the case here. After twenty minutes or so, I decided to turn on the subtitles, even though the only option was to have them in German. Unfortunately, I didn't get everything in the beginning, so I was a bit confused for a time, but I think I had it sorted out eventually.

Anyway, although the story was a bit weird as in "nothing really happened" and although the accent was horrible, there was one thing I loved about that film: the actors. And not only Alan Rickman, all of the other guys were great as well. I also liked the colouring, the scenery, and all in all the aesthetics. And apart from the lengthy thingy, I really liked the script, especially the humour. When Alan Rickman said that the Californian vintner didn't like him "because you think I'm an asshole, but really, I'm not. I'm just British and you're not." (or something along the lines), I cracked up.

So, in conclusion I would say that this is a film I would watch again, but probably not as often as some of my other films.

(And by the way, Bill Pullman's called Bill Pullmann over here. I still can't believe they spelled him wrong on the DVD case.)

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Oh my. Yesterday, I promised on twitter that Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass would be my last book order before my driving license. Obviously, that doesn't include DVDs. I have taken care to include them now. And to make it very, very official:

Today was the last time I bought ANYTHING before my driving license. Damn, I need that money. :D

So, what did I buy? Ever heard of Bottle Shock? You have not?! I've been wanting this DVD for ages; Alan Rickman is in this movie! It has to be brilliant. Anyway, I can't wait to watch it. Which reminds me: I want my laptop DVD player to work again. Of late, my laptop tells me there's no CD/DVD in the drive whenever I try to play one. I always have to go to the living-room and annoy everybody else with my DVDs and this is something which is really bugging me. I like to watch DVDs in the reclusion of my room.

Apart from the DVD, I also bought a pair of shiny new shoes today. Alright, my mum paid them. I almost bought some beautiful high-heeled boots as well, but my dad advised me against them, and my dad's only comment on anything really usually is "great" or "like it".

Or "why not?" which he just said when I asked him if he wanted my help cooking. So I'll go cook with my dad now. :)

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So, a happy new year to everyone. :)

I finally got a new laptop which is much better than the old one that made weird sounds, was, uh, "quite" slow and was a bit scrap in the end because it had fallen down on the floor once. Yay, I take care of my things. :)

2007 ended great for me. After [info]veradee had mentioned it, I bought the DVD of Snow Cake, watched it right away and loved it. I love watching films on my own anyway, so that was a really good evening for me.

I have burnt all my fingers, and if it's not that, then at least all the right-hand thumbs I have.

All in all, 2007 was a great year, except the fact that I'm still living in France. I hope to move to Germany this year, I hope to participate in a writing contest, to sit and pass the First Certificate in June...

Aaaand I have some resolutions, too: be more patient with children and myself, translate more often and more regularly, try to study instead of just leafing through my notes (even if that works well, but I have to learn how to study -), take the time to read more this year and so on.

And now I'm off to have breakfast. :)


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