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 There will soon be an actual update, I swear, but in the meantime... meme-y time, I guess? Stolen from [personal profile] laliandra .

Comment and I will...
1. Tell you why I friended you. If I remember.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal.
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Pairings meme stolen from Isi. This was exceedingly difficult, mostly because I do a lot of flailing and then forget about one pairing because I'm flailing so much about the other WHICH DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T LOVE IT ANYMORE. Most of these are just pairings I've loved steadily for a long, long time, or my favourite pairings atm; pretty sure some got lost inbetween. I suck at this. (Oh, warning for a possible Revenge spoiler in the DIAF pairings.)

I beliiiiiieve in love, I beliii-iiieve in love... )

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Hi hi hi! Happy New Year, everybody! I realise I haven't been around except to ask for your addresses the better to stalk you, and things have changed! For one, I finally created a DW account in light of LJ's recent idiocies to secure my name. I imported my LJ and I will give crossposting from DW a try for a while. I'll still be on LJ (and mainly read and comment there, most likely), but I just like having a back-up, just in case. So, that's that.

I'll be sitting my Abitur/A levels in a little less than three weeks, so I should probably be revising, but I still haven't done a lot of that, since a good day of flouncing about just sounds so much better than a good day of revision. You could also say I'm taking it slow, which is either because I'm far too optimistic or far too lazy. Your choice. :D But let me tell you about the fabulous things I have been doing instead of revising!

1. I watched so much awesome tv! All of my shows are currently on hiatus, so I started watching Band of Brothers which I ended up having more feelings about than I would have expected. SO MANY FEELINGS. SO MANY PRETTY PARATROOPERS IN LOVE. *___* I still have two episodes left which, if I am correctly informed, are the ones starring Tom Hardy's Cock, so um... yeah. Looking forward to that. 

I also decided to give Doctor Who a second try since the first time I watched Rose, I ended up being all "wtf what is this" and not watching the show after all. But I have since reviewed my life choices, and Doctor Who is a most valid one. It's ~fantastic! It has its terrible moments, but asdjh;sldk so good! I am absolutely in love with Rose. Also the Doctor, even though I have yet to get used to David Tennant who just ~replaced my beloved Christopher Eccleston, outrage etc etc. I hadn't even realised I loved him so much, but now that he's gone, I miss him like whoa. D: I mean, seriously. Just look at him:


2. I went to Paris the weekend before last! We stayed at my dad's, which is always fun when there's one bed, five people, and a lot of controversy of who should be allowed to sleep in Just That Corner of the room, but we managed. We went to see The Sound of Music at the Théâtre du Châtelet, which was really really nice. I love the music, and the actors were all stunning and had great voices, so yay yay. After the show, we had dinner at a Korean restaurant, and I'm sorry, but there goes my coherency because OMG SO DELICIOUS YOU GUYS AKSJD;SDFLK. Kimchi! Seaweed salad! SO GOOOOODDD GET BACK IN MY FACE FOOD.

3. Christmas! Christmas was nice. It was, as always, spent with the family. On Christmas Eve (which is the day we do presents in Germany), we had raclette at home, and I made everyone listen to my Christmas albums. I'm a little sad we didn't go to church, but we always have to compromise because while I and my mum usually want to go, my siblings don't care much for church. But anyway, happy-making presents! I got a Wobble Clock (which I'd discovered the previous weekend at Nature & Découvertes, and just ~had to have), the Red Riding Trilogy DVDs (Andrew Garfield! Sean Bean!), Kraken by China Miéville, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and The Flawed Master by Logospilgrim (essays about Snape! BEST EVER Y/Y?), which I've basically been wanting forever, plus some money and lots of chocolate. 

I caaan't wait to read these books. Right now, I'm reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I understand about as little as I thought I would, but I'm also enjoying it far more than I'd expected!

And because everybody loves a meme, have one that is long overdue. [personal profile] laliandra gave me four fandoms, and I will try and tell you who my favourite characters are, ONLY I AM VERY INDECISIVE AND HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, so proceed at your own risk.

but I like all of their faces )
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This is the promised post about Harry Potter! Yes! Finally! Also, in the meantime I got into Pottermore (with the perfectly ridiculous username PumpkinMagic141, which I love an unholy amount because my birthday is on Halloween and also pumpkins are awesome!) which I am unreasonably excited about. \o/

So, um, hi, hello, I realise I haven't properly updated in quite a while, but I am indeed still alive. I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 on Saturday, and well, maybe I should actually put on my glasses for this, but I can't be bothered, so you'll just have to put up with the potential typos. ^o-o^ Also, to get into nostalgic mood, have this:

IDK, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic already, what about you?

Getting back to the actual topic at hand, I didn't think that DH2 was as good as DH1 and certainly not as good as I would have wanted the conclusion to the series to be. I loved DH1 a surprising amount, considering that I wasn't a fan of what Yates had done with the previous films, and I had kind of got my hopes up for 7.2, so I guess I was in for a bit of a disappointment. I still liked it a great deal though! I had tears and snot all over my cleavage by the end of it. ;___;

Lightning has struck, I repeat, lightning has struck! )

Harry Potter Meme )

Also, before you go, have the most awesome fan-made DH2 trailer in existence:

And last but not least, let us all take a moment to appreciate Tom Felton telling us about how he would love to have an arsenal of wands and broomsticks. Oh Tom, you adorable wooblet. <3
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31 Books in 31 Days

Day 1: The book you are reading at the moment. - Magic Bleeds
Day 2: The book you are going to read next. - Jan, mein Freund
Day 3: Your favourite book. - Torture the Artist
Day 4: A book you hate. - The Wave
Day 5: A book you could read again and again. - Tintenherz
Day 6: A book that you couldn't read more than once. - Wicked
Day 7: A book that reminds you of someone. - A Tale of Two Cities
Day 8: A book that reminds you of a specific place. - The Magicians' Guild
Day 9: The first book you read. - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Day 10: A book by your favourite author. - Warbreaker
Day 11: A book you used to love but have come to hate. - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Day 12: A book that was recommended to you. - Die Eleganz des Igels
Day 13: A book that makes you laugh. - Bartimaeus
Day 14: A book from your childhood. - Der Summstein
Day 15: Fourth book from the right on your shelf. - Good-bye and Keep Cold
Day 16: Ninth book from the left on your shelf. - The Demon's Covenant
Day 17: Close your eyes and choose a book from your shelf at random. - The Chronicles of Narnia
Day 18: The book with the most beautiful cover you own. - His Dark Materials
Day 19: A book you have been wanting to read forever. - The Bible
Day 20: The best book you read for school. - Emilia Galotti
Day 21: The worst book you read for school. - Die Leiden des jungen Werther
Day 22: The book on your shelf with the most pages. - The Lord of the Rings
Day 23: The book on your shelf with the least pages. - Oedipus Rex
Day 24: A book noone would think you would read/would have read. - Treasure Island
Day 25: A book's protagonist who really resembles you. - Shrinking Violet
Day 26: A book you would read to your kids. - The Wind in the Willows
Day 27: A book's protagonist who is your ideal. - Knife
Day 28: Fortunately, this book was adapted to the screen! - Das Parfum
Day 29: Why the hell was this book adapted to the screen? - Eragon
Day 30: The book you are reading at the moment. - The Amber Spyglass
Day 31: The book you are going to read next. - My To Be Read Pile

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I'm just going to tell you which books I packed for my holiday since I don't really know which I am going to read next, and I'm also going to read them a bit simultaneously too because I don't want to read all 1500 of Sherlock Holmes in one go, or the Bible either.

So, what did I take with me?
  • Don Carlos by Friedrich Schiller
  • The Bible
  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis
  • Torture the Artist by Joey Goebel
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle
I'm really looking forward to reading all of this stuff, and even if I'm probably going to blog a bit more irregularly again, I will keep you updated about how I liked it!

Oooh, and I also have a books icon now! Isn't it pretty?
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Everybody's been doing this lately, so I figured I should too! There's nothing like peer pressure!

My feeble attempts at writing fanfiction. )

A random comment )

My user info. )
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I very rarely read books that I don't like, and if I don't like them and there's a corresponding movie, I will probably not go and see that either. There are some books I really like I do not want to see as a movie at any price because the movie just wouldn't convey the atmosphere and the inner conflicts of the characters, but I can't for the life of me recall one at the moment. There is also a trilogy I read for my guilty pleasure, and I think the world would be better of without its screen adaptation.


I let myself be lured into thinking the books were good judging them by their pretty German covers, but realised pretty quickly that Eragon was just a badly written Lord of the Rings where some things had been left out and some minor things were added. I thought the resemblance was pretty striking: in the names of the characters, in Paolini's attempt at creating new languages, in some plot points and in the relationship between characters and peoples. I haven't seen the movie, but I think that such a rip-off does not deserve that kind of attention, and when I saw the trailer, I decided I definitely wouldn't go and see that film.
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So, I'm sitting here in Normandy, the sun shining on my nose, a light breeze playing in my... uh, too-short hair. It's really nice over here, the weather is perfect (in my opinion at least; I don't like it too hot), we've already been to the beach once and we're going once again later, to look for sea shells. Germany came in third at the World Cup, the world's a nice place... ah. :) Oh, by the way; would anyone like to get a postcard? If so, just drop me your address!

Now on to my meme! This time, it wasn't difficult to think of something at all. There are a few screen adaptations I really love, such as The Lord of the Rings, and Inkheart, and The Shipping News, although I watched that a long time ago and I haven't read the book either. That is something that happens rather rarely. Usually, I read the book first and then watch the movie. But there is one other book where it was the other way round, and where I love both the book and the film. But the film even a little more than the book. It's The Perfume by Patrick Süskind.

Das Parfum

I am incredibly fascinated by the idea of someone who can smell practically anything. The things Grenouille does are kind of morbid, but he does them in a rather poetic way, and I think that his actions have a weird beauty to them. The film conveys this so well it's crazy. Ben Whishaw is just brilliant as Grenouille, the right mixture of revolting and fascinating, and the cast also features two other of my favourite actors, Corinna Harfouch and Alan Rickman. That is of course not the sole reason for which I love this film, but it plays into it. I know my father doesn't like it that they left out so much, but I think that they left out what was not really vital to the plot, tightening it up so that the necessary parts are still there, turning it into something even more beautiful than it is on paper.
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It's getting really difficult because I don't want to post about any book twice. And then there's the fact that a person is seldom ideal, and if a book character is, it is rarely a well-written one. I like courageous and loving characters that have flaws nonetheless, but who are confident with their bodies and aware of the effect they have on others (or starting to be aware of it). Mae from the Demon's Covenant is someone like that, Lyra from His Dark Materials is becoming someone like that; and Knife - Knife is kind of like that, and yet somehow different.


First of all, Knife is pretty small. And pretty brave. As a faery that fits into a human fist, she battles crows and protects her people. At the beginning, she is just a stubborn child, but in the course of the book she evolves into someone who can be reasonable at times, and who is willing to sacrifice things. And in the next book where the focus doesn't lie on her anymore, she still evolves, becoming someone more responsible, and grown-up, but the wild and brave Knife is still lying underneath. This mix is what I like about her.
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I can't really decide because there are so many awesome books I would want to read to my kids! There's all the books by Astrid Lindgren which are just lovely, there's The House of Arden by Edith Nesbit which I read as a kid and loved to bits. (I have been wanting to reread it for a long time, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in English.) And then there's also Tuck Everlasting, which is immensely cute - and so is The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

Wind in the Willows

It's about the rat and the mole who go on adventures together; it's written in a nice and simple style and all the animals/characters are just so... alive. I like that about children's books. There was once an animated series based on the book, and I only remember the part where the toad had to be rescued or something, and had to wear a frock. Anyway, I read the book way after having seen this, and it brought back all the fond memories, so that's why I chose it today.
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So, I'm almost done packing for our holiday in Normandy. I'm actually quite excited which has never been the case before (beach = boring, picnics on the beach when the wind is blowing = yummy, I'm eating sand). But this time, I have packed films and games and many many books and it will be fun! I plan on walking along the beach with my mum every morning, and we're going to go horseback riding which is always wonderful.

Packing was almost fun as well since my sister wanted to listen to Dracula with me and I was actually allowed to sing. She's been objecting to my singing a lot less lately. Yesterday, I even sang [ profile] laliandra 's BOOMDEYADA Black Arthur song and translated it for her.

LITTLE SISTER: Oh my God. Who invented this?
ME: Lal did. (Everybody knows lal. I always tell tales about lal and blame her endlessly!)
LITTLE SISTER: You're all crazy! ... Tell her I like the song.

So, lal, I'm telling you!

Also, I still have to do this meme [ profile] eternal_vows  did some time ago.

Leave a comment saying "MAKAPU'U IS NOT A NUDE BEACH" and I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to your questions. Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Where I tell you about the plastic drawer of doom. )
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I decided to go for Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph ([ profile] daniellejoseph ), although it kind of stretches the definition of "really resembling".

Shrinking Violet

It's the story of Tere, an insanely shy teenage girl who finds her voice by being a DJ at a radio station. I used to be really shy too, to the point that I wouldn't even want to ask strangers for the way when I was badly lost. I didn't want to go into a shop and buy something by myself. I didn't want to speak in front of the class. (Some of that is still  there; I get incredibly nervous when I have to talk in front of my class and start speaking so quickly I sometimes forget to breathe.) But I'm over that most of the time now. Sometimes the shyness still hits, for example if I'd have to say something in a language I'm not that comfortable in, stuff like that. So, although I'm a lot more self-confident now (the internet helped, and acting did too), I can still identify with Tere pretty well.
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I really thought I wouldn't have an answer to today's question, mainly because people don't come up to me saying, "man, I'd never have though that you read this!" Much of the fantasy I read might not seem to be something I'd read, because of all the blood and warfare, but I think that most people realise rather quickly that I am an avid reader of fantasy books. But then something came to my mind!

Treasure Island

I do also read classics, but I think that Treasure Island is slightly different, since it mostly consists of pirates and pistol shots. It might be that people wouldn't think that this is a book I'd read, but then again I didn't like it that much.
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I didn't check every single book, but Oedipus Rex looks to be the thinnest at least. It has 61 pages, including the appendix.

Oedipus Rex

As classics you have to read for school go, it was quite okay. Since we had done a production of Antigone the year before we read Oedipus, I was quite optimistic about Sophocles. The translation was also pretty good. We went to see a production by an all-women theater group with German class too, but since I thought the atmosphere was much too aggressive, I didn't really like it. Another thing brought about by the fact that they were only women was that the relationship between Oedipus and Iokaste seemed a bit weird. And the snogging seemed forced in a look, I am not afraid of kissing another woman! way. But I do like the play!
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Hab ich von [ profile] bellabronte  geklaut. :)

Markiere fett, was auf dich zutrifft.

Du rufst andauernd: “Oh! Eine Buchhandlung!” )


Mehr als 10 Treffer: akut lesesüchtig
Mehr als 20 Treffer: fortgeschrittenes Stadium - 27 Treffer. Damit schramme ich an "nicht mehr therapierbar" ja nur knapp vorbei. :D
Mehr als 30 Treffer: nicht mehr therapierbar

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Even though bound in three volumes, that's definitely The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien with its about 1500 pages. It's rivalled by the Bible and Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Stories.

Lord of the Rings
I've read it twice from cover to cover (to cover to cover...). The first time, I got it from the International Library at my old school after having watched the second part of the first film and the first of the second, which really piqued my curiosity. I believe that it was the first English book of comparable length and complexity that I read. I've always been wondering why people complain about it being that difficult to read since I didn't have many difficulties at all.
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I think I've already made it clear enough that I don't like The Sorrows of Young Werther, so there is going to be no further comment. Just this: German writers, please don't try the Sturm & Drang thing again. It results in crap more often than not.


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