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art post for [ profile] teenwolf_bb // link to masterpost

author: [ profile] going_2_hell
artist: [ profile] branquignole
fic: With the Hush of My Lips, I Wholly Confound the Skeptic (Stiles/Derek)
art: banner x3, fanmix + cover, cover for playlist
notes: This Big Bang was wonderful! I actually think this was my best BB experience so far. It was so much fun, and I love [ profile] going_2_hell, and even though I totally almost missed claiming time, I still somehow got this amazing fic! I was in a frenzy of OMG DEADLINE WHAT AM I EVEN DOING most of the time, and still ended up with more art than I've ever done for a story before. So... yay?

The playlist was put together by [ profile] going_2_hell and I decided to make a cover and create a youtube playlist. It's great and fits the mood of the fic really well, so go listen to it! Since [ profile] going_2_hell had already made such a fab playlist, I tried to make the fanmix a little different, make it follow the story arc instead of having it be a mood mix, and I hope it worked out well. Title for the fanmix is taken from Zoey van Goey's Mountain on Fire because I'm obviously obsessed with them at the moment. Enjoy!

with the hush of my lips, i wholly confound the skeptic

we've lit torches for you

1 shake my hand (the jakes)
I'm telling you I'm okay
you're telling me there's no way now
your words evaporate

I'm at home, I'm watching tv
you think you know what I see now
life ain't a silver screen
'cause I'm way down deep in the dirt
but oh, baby, I make the best of the hurt

2 teeth (earlimart)
we'll take the long way
the roads and highways home
fall through the middle
get to where nothing's wrong

3 sweethearts in disguise (zoey van goey)
tell me lies, dazzle me with stories
tell me that our greatest glory's yet to come

4 i'm so afraid (fleetwood mac)
I been alon all the years
so many ways to count the tears
I never change I never will
I'm so afraid the way I feel

5 heavy in your arms (florence + the machine)
and is it worth the wai
all this killing time?
are you strong enough to stand
protecting both your heart and mine?
6 a pound of flesh (radical face)
my feet plow on
from light to dawn
my empty belly in my body aches
ain’t hard to take
next to the weight I carry in my chest

7 asleep (the smiths)
sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep
I'm tired and I want to go to bed

sing me to sleep, sing me to slee
and then leave me alon
don't try to wake me in the mornin
'cause I will be gon

8 hold on to what you believe (mumford & sons)
and now this land means less and less to me
without you breathing through its trees
at every turn the water runs away from me
and the halo disappears
I'm not whole when you're not near

9 we don't have that kind of bread (zoey van goey)
we don't have that kind of money
we don't have that kind of bread
stay under the covers with me instead

don't leave the house today
on your bicycle
you've got a fragile body
with your veins and your heart and your ventricles
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