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 lol this is my first post in almost three months. Stuff has happened! Like, I moved out, and then I went to London, and then I went to Oxford to meet ifonlyella and playwithfyr. And I shall tell you all about this in due time but first, I need to talk about this.

Sorry, my bad. I mean this:

When I went to Oxford, ifonlyella took me to see The Avengers which I ended up enjoying much more than I thought I would. I'd seen Thor but none of the other movies (aka Iron Man/Hulk/Captain America) so I was surprised at HOW MANY FEELINGS THIS MADE ME FEEL. 

Feelings I was prepared for: those of the Loki-just-needs-a-hug sort. 


Unless each of you gives me a hug. Look, I'm perfectly reasonable about this whole world domination thing. All I'm asking for is some affection. JUST GIVE ME SOME AFFECTION.


(Sorry about that. I have a lot of feelings about Loki. Mostly because he is both very pretty and very much adopted.)

Feelings I wasn't prepared for: a) MY PAINFUL LOVE FOR BRUCE BANNER AND THE OTHER GUY. 

He is just so interesting as a character; so broken but also brilliant and funny AND REALLY ATTRACTIVE AS WELL LIKE IN A NERDY SORT OF WAY WHICH IS ACTUALLY MY FAVOURITE KIND OF ATTRACTIVE. I just want to cuddle him. (Basically, everybody in this movie just needs a hug.) 

IT'S OKAY BRUCE TONY LOVES YOU. Which brings me to the next point.

b) My shipping feels re: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner.

THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. Tony is so ridiculous but I think it's totally obvious that Bruce really likes that. And there is so much they can learn from each other, so much they can take away from this. ESPECIALLY BRUCE MY BB because he just needs someone to convince him that he is not worthless and that The Other Guy is a part of him and doesn't necessarily have to be an enemy. Also I really just want a lot of fic where Bruce smacks Tony over the head. Because he's stupid. #sciencebrosforever

c) My feelings for the human badasses.

Hawkeye and Black Widow are without a doubt my absolute favourites of all the Avengers. (Sorry about that, Bruce. NO NEED TO GO ALL GREEN WITH JEALOUSY. HAHA. GREEN. GET IT? GET IT? Okay.) All they have to protect themselves is their skill. They are just so fucking brave to go out there and fight alongside ~superheroes, with nothing but a gun and a bow and arrows. I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH I JUST CAN'T HELP IT.

I really need a movie that's all about how awesome and sexy they are. And about how they can beat up several guys with chairs attached to their backsides or shoot arrows with perfect aim while falling off a building. 




I also want them to smile dopey grins at each other and to make out forever. Because they are perfect.

So, to sum this entirely coherent post up in one sentence: I JUST WASN'T PREPARED FOR ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

But I'm super glad and grateful that Isi convinced me to go see this movie, and I want to rewatch it so badly WHY DO I NOT LIVE NEXT TO A CINEMA DAMMIT I DON'T NEED THIS STUPID SUPERMARKET. (Except I do. Never go away, supermarket. I love you.) It's just so ridiculously good, hilarious, sexy, AND ALL THAT I COULD EVER WISH FOR IN A MOVIE. I also watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2 after seeing The Avengers, which I loved (mostly because Pepper and Tony are fabulous) but I kind of missed my other bbs. All that remains for me to do now is to watch Captain America, then to rewatch Thor and have a lot of feelings about Loki and hugs, and then pining for the dvd release of The Avengers. SO NOW I SHALL PROCEED WITH THESE PLANS.

#icannotbelievethisismyfirstpostinthreemonths #whathaveicometo
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