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 I swear to God this was supposed to be an absolutely coherent and sophisticated post. But I mean, ya know...

BAM, CUMBERBATCHED. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT BBC SHERLOCK AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH'S PERFECT FACE. (Which is conspicuously absent from this gif. But the rest of him is pretty fine too, so... Anyway. FACE.)

Right? RIGHT? I don't know either. 

And now for some words. Eh? :D?

After Christmas, I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and it was most excellent. I love the movies' kind of ironic take on the source material, the way they just take all of that gay subtext and ~thrust it into your face. THERE YOU GO HAPPY HOUR HAVE YOURSELF SOME FREE THIS-ISN'T-EVEN-SUBTEXT-ANYMORE-SUBTEXT. My first reaction (as condensed into one tweet) was, "SUCH A FABULOUSLY GAY MOVIE AND YET SUCH FABULOUS LADIES ALSO". 

I didn't quite approve of the way they handled Irene's death because it felt a little like a deus ex machina. "Oh we don't need her anymore, can she drop dead or something?" But oh my, Simza. I love nothing more than a woman who keeps a knife under her skirts and knows how to use it. Plus, codebreaker!Mary! I wasn't happy with the way she came across in the first movie; her awesome began to shine through near the end, but they didn't really explore her much as a character since she was just That Chick Watson Is Going To Marry Even Though Holmes Loves Him. So, glad we established this, A Game of Shadows: MARY IS BRILLIANT.

As for the gay in A Gay of Shadows... IDK, I love it, I really do, and it's hilarious how RDJ and Jude Law play with the relationship between Holmes and Watson, but I wish they'd just rolled with it, like they did in the first movie. They have such great dynamics, but I felt like there was a subtlety in the first movie that was lacking in A Game of Shadows. It was all just a little over the top, kind of forced, like they had to show the world that yes, WE CAN BE EVEN MORE GAY THAN THAT. It was still fun, but it didn't feel quite as organic anymore. It was just gay piled upon gay piled upon gay, in a way that was more like what RDJ and Jude Law like to do in their interviews, and not really like what Watson and Holmes would do. 

Still, I absolutely enjoyed this movie. There were a few historical inaccuracies (Germany wouldn't have been marked "Deutschland" on a map in 1891, duh), and while I don't mind so much that they're trying their hardest to create an anachronistic version of Victorian Holmes, some of this was just sloppiness. If you're going to use guns, make sure they were invented in the year the story takes place, duh. I don't really know what was going on with Mycroft either (WHAT'S THIS ABOUT PARADING AROUND STARKERS IN FRONT OF A LADY I MEAN REALLY), and, um, the case was... confusing but it was a good movie nevertheless, and very entertaining. Plus, Moriarty was scary, appropriately brilliant, and had a scrumptious sidekick (and no, I'm not just saying that because of his skill with a rifle and my competence kink, uh-uh). Let's just take a moment to bask in Paul Anderson's beauty...


Okay, thanks for your attention, on to BBC Sherlock!

I love BBC Sherlock. No, that's an understatement. I ~adore it. (Also, still debating whether to give Benedict Cumberbatch my eternal devotion scrambled or fried. I will take suggestions in the comments.) When I came back from watching A Game of Shadows in the cinema, I was overcome with an insatiable craving for MORE SHERLOCK HOLMES, and since the new series of Sherlock was just bound to come out, I decided that I'd been putting this off long enough, AND EMBARKED ON A JOURNEY OF HEARTWRENCHING PROPORTIONS. I didn't think BBC Sherlock would do this to me; I was a little sceptical about the modern-day setting, but as soon as I tuned in, everything just clicked into place. Modern-day Sherlock works so so well, especially with Benedict Cumberbatch basically embodying Sherlock. I cannot stress enough how much I love Moffat/Gatiss's interpretation of Sherlock Holmes and the way Benedict Cumberbatch portrays him. I sometimes think BBC Sherlock's a little too cold/distant/DEAD SERIOUS, but on the whole, he is very very much like I imagine Sherlock Holmes.

Plus, the Sherlock/John dynamics, oh my god. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are like actual gods. Also, they both have the best exasperated faces. And are frequently naked under the robe/blanket. So I approve.

What I don't approve of is this-

DON'T EVER LET THEM MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT MOLLY THEY ARE JUST CRAP AT WRITING WOMEN OBVSLY, IS ALL. Because seriously? Every woman on this show is either dead, a dominatrix, or constantly humiliated by Sherlock. FUCK OFF MOFFAT AND GATISS. GO STAND IN THE CORNER UNTIL YOU'VE LEARNT HOW TO WRITE ACTUAL AWESOME WOMEN. Mrs Hudson is not amused. Are you, Mrs Hudson?

Good. Glad we got that out of the way. In slightly related news: omg my girl crush on Louise Brealey, it knows no bounds. She is MAGNIFICENT. Journalist, feminist, amazing actress. AND SO PRETTY. Can she please be on this show more? Can Molly Hooper have a spin-off?

Another thing that is really bugging me about BBC Sherlock is Moriarty. Fucking Moriarty with those fucking inflexions of his voice and the fucking chewing-gum. I MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. (I'm really capslocking a lot in this entry, ain't I?) I'm really sorry to say it, but I'm absolutely annoyed by Andrew Scott's portrayal of Moriarty. I realise this is not entirely his fault, since he isn't exactly the one that writes Moriarty this way, but his acting is part of what really irks me about BBC Moriarty. This psychopathic vibe he gives off, the playfulness etc. From what I understand, Andrew Scott is not all too familiar with the source material, but I'm guessing Moffat aand Gatiss are, and therefore I just cannot understand why they chose to write Moriarty that way.

To me, Moriarty is anything but playful - something Andrew Scott is very particular about emphasising in his character. Canon!Moriarty also doesn't seem mad to me. He is very much like Sherlock, a very brilliant human being just bored out of his mind, not satisfied with what the world has to offer him. This is why he creates an organised London (England/world/universe) underground; not out of insanity or madness, but rather as an outlet for his brilliance. If one of the two is playful, then I'd say it's Sherlock, what with his enjoyment of disguises, ploys, and tricks, or sending Watson off on a merry goose chase in the countryside, and then telling him in the end that his work was pretty much unnecessary because he had it all covered (I was that old woman with the stack of books, in case you were wondering, Watson.). I actually think RDJ conveys this pretty well with his version of Holmes - just a tad of that interpretation in BBC Sherlock, and I would be absolutely happy. Just like Moriarty, Holmes is brilliant, he is bored, AND HE JUST WANTS TO HAVE SOME FUN OKAY. Solving crimes and outwitting murderers is just the thing to do for fun! For Moriarty, it's different somehow. I'm afraid I'm not really making much sense :D, but my point is: to me, canon!Moriarty is not this crazypants psychopath from BBC Sherlock. So I constantly feel the urge to shout at the screen ("WILL YOU JUST STOP DOING THESE THINGS WITH YOUR VOICE. WILL YOU STOP CHEWING YOUR GUM OMG. WILL YOU JUST NOT BE AN UTTER NUTCASE FOR A SECOND."), but gazing at Benedict Cumberbatch's perfect everything usually soothes my pain. And with this, I leave you. BECAUSE I CAN.

*dissolves into puddle of goo*
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